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    Exclamation Call to Arms! For a fellow Blizzard nerd

    Hi, friends!

    There may be a bit of groveling in this post...
    I've been a Blizzard fan for years; I decided to make a D3 barbarian costume and was nominated for Amazon's Halloween costume contest and would really appreciate some support from fellow Blizzard fans. (You guys may or may not have seen me as Illidan [post-op version] at Blizzcon in 2010 and I'm planning on something awesome for next year.)The prize is a $1000 Amazon giftcard, which would make my broke-college-student-butt's Christmas infinitely easier and better this year. Please take 5 seconds out of your time to pass me a vote!


    (It's dumb but you have to allow the Offerpop app garbage. ><)
    Please and thank you very much! I hate soliciting for support but I know how awesome this community is regarding supporting its artists.

    Your friendly neighborhood Ashbringer
    (Lala - Destromath)
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