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    What Pill do you chose?

    Thought this might be an interesting topic.

    So its real simple. Choose one pill and feel free to comment why you chose it and what you would use it for.

    Gives you the body of Arnold Swarchenegger.
    Due to the amount of toxic in this you will die in 15 years.

    Blue Pill
    Your spirit leaves your body behind
    While in spirit form you will become invisible. You will not be able to speak or interfere with the world. Simply just watch
    While in spirit form you will be granted immortality. You will live forever but only to watch.
    You also gain 10 charges of returning to Human Form. One charge lasts one hour.
    Onces 10 charges are consumed you the spirit form is permenant and you will be stuck in the for all eternity
    However you will be able to die while in human

    Brown Pill
    Gives you a healthy body, perfect vision, perfect hearing and you will live a long healthy life of 90 years.

    Purple Pill
    Gives you the ability to chose one person of your desire to fall in love with you for the rest of your life.
    This is permenant and cannot be undone

    Green pill
    Gives you the ability to shapeshift into a animal of your desire
    Once shapeshifted it cannot be undone however you will life as long as you normaly would as a human.

    Grey pill.
    Grants you the ability to ask three question of your desire and get the answer to it.
    When will I die?

    Pink Pill
    Gives you the ability to achieve the highest skill possible in one proffesion/sport of your desire
    Due to the toxic in this pill your lifespan is reduced to 15 years.

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    Fluffy Kitten Darsithis's Avatar
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    I'd take the brown pill, of course. I would hate the idea of living forever, and 15 years is too short

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    Brown pill.
    Reason? It's the only one without a downside.

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    Brown pill! Easy choice imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liara View Post
    Brown pill.
    Reason? It's the only one without a downside.
    Purple pill doesn't have a downside either

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    I choose to take no pill and live my life without enhancements, the way it should be done.
    No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions.

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    We already have this topic in the Fun Stuff forum:
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    Quote Originally Posted by msna View Post
    ...While in spirit form you will be granted immortality. You will live forever but only to watch...
    ...However you will be able to die while in spirit form...
    So, would you be able to end the whole thing or not?

    If yes, I'd choose the blue pill; if not I'd probably take the pink one.

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    I'd go with the brown pill. Having a healthy life is important.
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    Purple pill. Cause I wanna troll some girl.

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    Brown pill definetly in those 90 years u can find ur dream partner and your dream educations.

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    Grey pill.

    There's just so many questions that could be answered that could change the course of the world.

    Just a few silly ones;
    "In step by step instructions, could you tell me how to build and use a time machine?"
    "Which religion is right and where can I get undeniable proof?"
    "What is the secret to immortality?"

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    Brown or green, leaning towards brown xD

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    Grey pill!

    My vision is near perfect, aswell is my hearing and I have a fairly healthy body, so the brown pill seems like a waste. I wouldn't want the body of neither young or old Arnold. I like being human, and I'd hate to live forever but 15 years is way to short. I was going to choose the purple pill but then it dawned on me, I could just use the grey pill to ask "Who will I marry?" or "Who will love me and I love forever?" or something like that, go get that girl and then use the remaining two questions to answer some big questions, "What is the meaing of life?", "Where can we find extraterrestial life?" or something else, becoming rich and live a happy life

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    Yeah, brown out of those options. Never having to worry about exercise or eating healthily? Sign me up!

    The purple is too boring, as well. Where's the chase, the mystery?

    It also has the potential to backfire horrendously. What if the person you choose is actually not who you thought they were? You'd fall out of love with them while they remained utterly devoted. Recipe for disaster, right there.

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    How could anyone take anything but the Red pill ;p
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    Purple pill doesn't have a downside either
    Unless you pick the wrong woman/man

    I'd go with the brown pill as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    How could anyone take anything but the Red pill ;p
    And lol my only though when I saw the red pill was Arnold now or Arnold 15 years ago?

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    Nor does the Grey pill, I would take it so humanity can have a final answer on these questions:

    'How was the universe created?'
    'Is there something which can be described as a God'?
    'How do you bake the perfect apple pie?'

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    I'd go for the pink pill
    Your post doesn't deserve a slot in my thread! But it would make the perfect coaster for my drink!

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    I'll take pink and be a f1 driver!

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