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    Grey pill

    i'll ask "how can i create a pill that has all the positive effects of the other pills, with no downside?" then i win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sathnick View Post
    I would love to be the mean higher lifeform answering those questions (and having a good laugh on your costs

    1. No, its not possible
    2. None, its just a virtual concept of mankind...there is no right or wrong
    3. None, everyones gonna die eventually..
    1) Probably impossible... don't think I've seen a credible theory on how to make time travel happen. Yet.
    2) Damn right.
    3) Dying of old age is mostly just a result of internal organs failing. And that is a result of imperfect cell renewal. Every time cell replicates it's a lower quality copy of it's former self which goes up to the point where your body just stops to function properly. We only need to know how do we make cells renew themselves perfectly.
    Theoretically, you'd reach your mature age and stay that way forever.

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    purple pill

    d12 purple pills anyone?

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    if the green pill could be re-worked to change you into the opposite sex, then i would choose that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokilar View Post
    purple pill

    d12 purple pills anyone?
    As opposed to purple sticky punch?

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    Grey pill. Because you didn't say the questions couldn't be multipart questions.

    Here are my three questions:

    1. Is there an afterlife and if so is there a specific religion to get into the best area and if so what is that religion?
    2. Who would be the perfect woman for me to marry and how do I get and keep her?
    3. What are the lotto numbers for the next 200000 lotteries in my area and what are the scores for the next 10000000 NFL games?

    Then I would just live my normal life as a multi-trillionaire with my beautiful and loving non gold digging wife. Altho If there was no afterlife I may use my second and third questions to create a super pill that will give me tons of positive side effects with no negatives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msna View Post
    Thought this might be an interesting topic.
    Gives you the body of Arnold Swarchenegger.
    Due to the amount of toxic in this you will die in 15 years.
    They already make those pills. They're called steroids.

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    Grey pill, definitely.

    I liked the shapeshift one too, until I found out it's permanent

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    Brown pill or Green pill; shapeshifting into an animal for a long time sounds like fun. Otherwise, I think anybody would choose brown pill - no real downsides to it.

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    I'd take brown, but life is nothing if you don't know what to do with it. There are questions I need answered.

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    Purple Pill no doubt.

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    Purple. Oh I'm such a love fool

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    Grey pill

    What's the next winning lottery jackpot #?

    Save questions 2 and 3 for another time.

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    I'd take the brown pill and give it to my cat. She deserves a few more life times and a healthy body
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    Purple pill

    Not only are you guaranteed true love but it will actually last your whole life... Can't see a downside, except if you're stupid enough to waste it on someone you yourself don't actually love.
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    Purple pill, I'm healthy enough as it is.

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    Brown pill is such an easy choice, but taking that out of the equation I would say Grey, you could change/foresee your future.

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    Blue Pill for me, I enjoy watching and learning and I mean I could travel anywhere I wanted on this earth for as long as I wanted!
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    green or purple. in a way i feel purple is kinda cruel to the other person. more than likely i would take green. unless i was feeling really selfish, then it would be purple.
    I'd torture a thousand souls just to see her smile.

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