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    Spec choice for Mel'jarak

    Hey all,

    Got Mel'jarak tonight and i'm unsure which spec to go for.. Combat or Assassination. My weapons are of identical (463 ftw) quality for both specs...

    Toss up between FoK spam and dispatch vs a lot of Bladeflurry... We MAY only cc 3 adds

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    Logs suggest Assassination if you have the same ilvl weps for both specs.

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    Bladeflurry (Combat) is way better if you're focusing on killing a single set as quickly as possible before killing the next set. Assassination is way better if you're just AoEing everything to kill all sets around the same time. Both strats seem viable on normal.

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    There's a lot that goes into which spec you should be picking for Mel. Most of it is what weapons you've got (you said equal ilvl for all of it), and the other major factor is which spec you do stronger single-target numbers with. The adds should only be alive for about 3 minutes, so take that into consideration if you're going to base the decision on AoE capabilities.

    Personally, I went Combat because I've got two 489 weapons for that spec. However, I also went Combat because of the way we handle the adds:

    We CC two Ambers, one Blade, and one Mender.
    At the start of the fight, one tank takes four of the adds and the other tank takes 2 adds and the boss. After they both have secured aggro, they move the two packs together.
    AoE down like normal, but put more focus on the 2 Menders to interrupt and get those down first.
    Once those are down, the Fury warrior and I switch to the boss to cleave from him (with the 33% increased damage) to the adds. In addition, the other add sets are at about 33% health, and we continue to AoE down while putting some damage on the boss.
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    That sounds a nice strategy Carp - if not for any reason apart from getting to cleave bonus dmg

    We single tanked with 7 dps and pulled 3 menders, 1 blade, 1 amber and aoe'd/cleaved them down together...I went combat as I knew I wanted to go combat for the next fight too but ideally, I think Assassination will yield bigger numbers. I finished on 125k dps which I'm not too disappointed with given current gear (483, blue weapons).

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