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    Combat FoK

    Has there been a consensus whether or not its worth using FoK for Combat, over BF SS/Evis rotation (though it's fairly obvious when dealing with 2-3 targets) so I'm just wondering at what break point is it worth using FoK/CT to replace SS/Evis, or even simply just replace Evis with CT but keep BG stacks rolling.

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    to my personal experience, always go for BF and single target roation. change evis with CT if there are 5 targets or more. Keep your SnD up and let the bleed from CT run out before using again for max dps.

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    Actually, if you utilize the Anticipation bug and cast Crimson tempest with 2 Anticipation charges, Crimson Tempest is superior to Eviscerate already at 3 targets. This assumes Crimson Tempest ticks for its full duration on all three targets and factors in Eviscerate being dublicated by Blade Flurry, whereas Crimson Tempest does not.

    With regards to FoK: I've been wondering the same but currently have no qualified idea.

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    Since we're probably talking about raids, let's focus on the two fights where this is a topic of discussion: Wind Lord Mel'jarak and Elegon.

    For Mel, it depends on how many adds you are stacking together. If it's anything more than 6 and you aren't trying to focus one of the adds down first, then it is viable for switch to FoK.
    However, Blade Flurry becomes more powerful as soon as the boss gains a stack of Recklessness, at which point you should switch to cleaving off of him onto the adds.

    For Elegon, the answer depends on how quickly (if at all) you are stacking the adds up. If they're stacked as soon as the boss switches phase, FoK/CT them to death. If they are trickling in for a little while, just Blade Flurry.

    The general "break point" is at 8 adds, but CT becomes viable at 4 (or 3 if you're using the Anticipation bug).
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    From my experience I would only start popping FoK / CT as combat when there are 9+ Mobs. And even then you'd only be barely (if even) matching what you'd be doing with BF/Eviscerate.

    The only trash I could possibly think of you even needing this for is before Stone Guards. Get yourself some nice daggers and after stone guards respec and enjoy the superior single target (And with the right gear + Mastery, AOE) damage spec for every other encounter that is Assassination (or Sub if you're a fanboy).
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