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    New weapon - main hand or off hand?

    I got a new weapon but I am wondering if I should use it in main hand or off hand. Normally I would put it in main hand but seeing how much of my total damage is based on lava lash maybe I should use it on off hand?

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    I'm not up to date with the current simming but I'm pretty sure its main hand considering you want windfury to proc off of the highest damage weapon. I doubt using it in your offhand will break your dps though and for fights like elegon where you really want to crush those sparks with a couple strong hits it might be a better choice.

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    Better weapon in main hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggnore View Post
    seeing how much of my total damage is based on lava lash
    Bzzt, wrong. Did you consider how much of your damage is based on autoattacks, Stormstrike, Windfury, and Unleash Wind? All of those will increase more with the better weapon in the main hand than you'd get solely out of Lava Lash damage.
    Now, THIS thing? THIS thing is horrible. It's just awful. It was awful at 60 and it was awful at 58. It's awful at 45. If this dropped off a mob in Wailing Caverns when you were level 17 and being run through by a higher level character, you would equip it ONLY because you don't have trinkets at that level, and it would STILL SUCK.
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