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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia View Post
    Don't use Master Looter > win
    agreed, 2006 called they want master looter back
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    Theres watermarks in screen shots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smegdawg View Post
    Is this the entire reason that they have the hidden watermarks in the screen shots so that they can tell if the image has been tampered with in any way?
    dunno depends if the watermark actually cover every single pixel of the screen

    checked the post on tomshardware. Nice stuff, but it would be still horribly time consuming to check every screenshot for tampering, what if the screen is not on the quality setting that shows the watermark? Also we don't know if customer support has the tools to reverse the watermark into readable information so that to check if it has been tampered. By the fact that they are not actually doing it, I would say they do not.
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    Same thing happened to us, GM says there is a bug when you kill the boss after he enrages. They are currently sending us loot but sadly they can't give us our achievement (we were kind of happy with our server 4th, but oh well, we'll kill it tomorrow)

    Stupid boss dispawned and respawned, but half the raid got in a seperate instance so I could pull the next boss no problem, so we couldn't go back and kill it again, but they found logs and found what dropped and they are sending it to us.

    Hopefully it will get fixed, and hopefully tomorrow we won't kill it exactly when he enrages.. our logs show Garalon died twice lol.

    And my raid lockout shows him as defeated.
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    A warlock in our guild got spirit weapon on coin

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaimelannister View Post
    Try the official forums for this type of issue. No one here can do a damn thing to help you.
    And more importantly, no one here cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrabee View Post
    A warlock in our guild got spirit weapon on coin

    Two of our caster DPS got one ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alltat View Post
    Do you have the actual conversations saved? From my experiences since vanilla, the only times that raid loot issues have been a problem have been when we had a socially incompetent master looter who basically started GM tickets with calling everyone retarded and demanding things. GMs have always been very helpful when I've had to talk to them about such things, and it should have been fairly easy to point out that there were other undistributed items on the boss.

    Not really, they don't seem to give a fuck lately about loot. I asked for my legs to be changed from Sha, got healer ones with double shadow spec. "They can't interfere". Even though it's their own retarded unfinished game that caused the problem.
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