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    Sick and tired of pvp bots in BGs ur opinion and sugestions

    Hey guys

    ive just leveled my monk to level 90 to start pvp healing whit ive done about 60 bgs in the past 2 days and i realy start to get anoyed about those pvp bots

    they just random walk around in lvl 70 pvp gear or randomly following a random member or just do completly nothing it does decrease my honor gain

    its not that i mind farming for it but fair is fair right playing a arathi basin whit a 50% bot in ur team is just C***

    My sugestion to blizzard is

    to make a code verification for each bg u join takes about 2 secs longer to get into ur BG but hey u have most of the time to wait 2 mins anyways inside

    im playing on horde side EU

    yeah guys give me ur exp and sugestions about this topic

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    are u sure there bots or just players that look like bots lol?

    ive actually seen keyboard turning players that click who lose to bg bots ....

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    Do what SWTOR does.
    You need to contriube a certain amount of effort in different things to earn medals.
    Certain damage, certain heals, certain kills, etc.

    Although it seems daunting, it's 1000000 times better than these bots in WoW.
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    Captcha's are not needed to deal with bots. You need to report the bots with the right click reporting system. The more complaints that get registered for botting for that account the sooner that account gets banned. The tools are simple and right in front of you. They do work but you gotta use them.
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    Some bots also do damage and play very good...

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    Report them for being away. To flag someone as AFK you need around 3 reports, so announce to the /bg that someone is afk and ask them to report. It takes 2 minutes without attacking for the AFKer to get kicked. If you notice some "bot behavior" (as I call) something like moving to not being tagged as AFK or even random healing / attacking something (preventing from being kicked) but in a botty way (you know when some1 is not being controlled by a human, it's so obvious)... you can right click his portrait and report for cheating. Describe what you saw and how the botter behaved.

    I truly believe Blizzard review these reports and investigate. It might take them some time, but they'll eventually ban these bastards. That's about all you can do. Complaining via tickets or forum won't help at all.

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    Alot of bots, but indeed a sort of capatcha would be nice before you enter.

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    Av u can spot them a mile away, if horde and your on the way too Balinda the bots are suicidal and run towards horde they dont attack unless they are attacked, the monk bot is funny all he will do is cast the healing damage spell, dks just spam blood boil.

    People dont know how to report you see 3-4 bots sitting in the cave you get too know there characters names after a few games because they are there every game, i tell people to report sometimes they gone sometimes they sit there the entire game, all i know is it's gotten worse.
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