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    If you are going to whine to blizz...

    I never understood why people make forums whining and complaining about how Blizzard is a bunch of this or that and other rude names when in all reality that isn't going to get your point across. If you don't like having to do dailies everyday with the new expansion and would prefer the rep tabs then you must realize that they have said it before, they did it because the rep tabs in the past made it too easy. Not to mention the fact that really just by killing in the name of unnamed rep group are you really doing anything for them at all? If I were unnamed rep group I would rather someone help be gather supplies and care packages and kill the occasional "pain in the ass" guy that is near the camp bugging the crap out of us rather then just go on a killing rampage in some random dungeon full of people who did nothing to me and are no real threat to me. I agree that there are a few too many reps in Pandaria that are all daily quest based, but it makes me feel more accomplished in the end...not to mention that epic chest or pair of gloves looks like it has a lot more shine to it with all the hard work I put in for it. Also, you don't know how much work they are doing behind the game if you think you can just yell at them for small issues like that. They work hard to make this game for you and you are just acting like ungrateful children when you go and post angry rants about how its not fair that you have to do a little bit of work for the end result reward you want so bad. High end guilds don't pout and through hissy fits when they are 1 heroic boss off from world first kill all because they have to do a little work in figuring out the best way to defeat that boss. So keep in mind that Blizzard employees are not just a bunch of lazy people who slam there faces on the keyboards to make this game, it takes a lot of time, energy, gumption and love for their work to put out such a fun game for you...why not just appreciate what you are given from them and if you do have a problem with how something was done tell them in a mature manner. No more of this "U guys r a bunch of jerks 4 makin dis game to much werk for me n i dnt lik it so stop." If you don't like how the game is then don't play it...I'm sure those of us who do enjoy it won't miss your constant complaints in trade chat. Everyone seems to think they are gods at this game and that the only thing separating them from guilds like DREAMparagon or Exodus is gear...that isn't it and you don't need things handed to you just so that you can find out in the end result that you are nowhere near the talent they are. I know this was a bit of a rant but I felt that it was well needed.

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    AH wall of text with no paragraphs..can't read... RUN!
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    1. I think a lot of MMO Champion is mature and agrees, so perhaps this isn't the best audience.
    2. I agree and read most of this (Albeit a massive wall a text)

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    All I see is a load of words with no paragraphs which leads to a very hard read, I think you're saying that whining falming @ blizzard doesnt get anywhere, if so you're right.

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    Didn't read the entire thing for obvious reasons...that's a hell of a wall of text, sir. Anyway as far as rep farming goes...I wish they would make it just like leveling. If you want to quest to gain rep, you can do that. If you want to instance to gain rep, you can do that. If you want to arena/BG to gain rep, you can do that too. If they allowed you to farm rep with 3 different ways like that, and you still have a problem, tough fucking shit, come up with something better! LoL I'm JKing, but seriously, why not allow for more options? To make it so that you have to do (mostly) the same goddamn quests every day...that's brutal. It sucks horribly for me now, I can't even imagine how bad it's gonna be when....if I decide to farm that rep on my alts too. I heard they're putting something in the game that makes farming rep on yer alts easier...not sure if it's out yet. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And if so can you tell me how to get it or when is it coming out?

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