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    I'm not sure how long you expect dungeons to stay fun when you plow through them every day.

    Niuzao is a good example. Everyone in our guild really liked it. Some interesting mechanics, changes of scenery, it's well set up from the zone. There's even some humour.

    But now we groan when we get it. No fault of Niuzao. It's just longer then some of the other options. The interesting mechanics lose their novelty. The humour gets old.

    Another example. One of the things most people in our group commented on while leveling was the sniper quest in Jade Forest. Everybody thought it was fun ("hey, this should be a daily" was pretty common). If you stuck something like that in a dungeon it would probably be fun ... the first 10 times. Then most would gladly exchange it for a trash pack that could be aoe'd down.

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    In past expansions I used to love running dungeons. Now I find them a chore. All of the dungeons are quite boring. It is just AoE each trash pack and then on to the boss who does nothing in particular. I have to do them though to improve my gear which, due to RNG, seems to drop infrequently.

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    It's not mandatory to run them every day. I ran them to gear my lock, i have a warrior and DK i am taking my time. I don't get why people feel you HAVE to do these dungeons all the time. You burn yourself out. Don't blame Blizzard. It's your fault. And to leave because of what other people do or don't do, is just ignorant. i have been grouped with numerous amounts of idiots, and if they are that bad, use the vote to kick system.

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    dungeons are there to gear you up with some pretty chilled out gameplay. if you want a challenge do challenge modes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellboyy View Post
    dungeons are there to gear you up with some pretty chilled out gameplay. if you want a challenge do challenge modes.
    Its funny how You guys seem to miss the point most of you just talk about Gear and Grinding noone of you seems to remember what FUN is haha Im sure there are a LOT of solutions to make 5 man instances more FUN theres no limit... First of all they Should add more of them or at least a couple of them that are actually using a different prosepctive compared to these new terrible ones (Yeah i used to have a lot more fun with old school intances) Shado Pan monastery is a terrible instance and everyone get bored of it after u run it for a week, the overall design is terrible and trash and boss are terribly boring. Someone of you mentioned Stratholme yeah i used to love that instance that was the perfect example of a fun involving enviornment with nice rewards.

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    Considering these days all I do when I play WoW is 5-mans, LFR, and very casually raid with my guild ... I'd like it if they'd add new 5-mans a bit more often than they have in the past, but as far as the current dungeons go I think they are fine. Could definitely use a couple more though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiffeltower View Post
    You guys are missing the point regarding people leaving instantly :

    they need an item from a specific instance. They ran that instance already today. They are queing random in the hope to get that instance, and if it's another one they leave. I did that for a few weeks when i was just missing 1-2 items. Its got nothing to do with dungeon quality.
    And that is why they should remove the fucking stupid ass "once a day" daily cap on manually doing any heroic, especially since LFD completely ignores the cap. Would cut down on this type of behavior 100% which wastes both the time of the people that wanted a random and now have to wait for another person to fill out the roster, and the time of the person that wants to run that a particular one to get their shiny whatever.

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    I liked Wrath and Cata heroics. I got bored of the Pandaria dungeons in the first few kills.

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    If you're bored with 5-mans go try out some other content. There's so much more out there than we ever had in Wrath or especially Cata. Maybe you don't remember, but when Wrath released, there were only 10 dungeons available at 80 compared to the 9 available at 90 now. Not much of a difference is it? The rest of the content was released with later raid patches, much like what we can expect in the near future with Mists.

    Personally, I have no problem with the 5-man content. It fits its niche well within the progression path and for the people they are intended for. New 90's needing to gear up, people needing valor or justice points or specific drops, and even people who just don't care for raids but still want to do group content. There's nothing preventing you from continuing on to progress into higher levels of content like raiding. If you don't like the content at the 5-man level, do something else. And just an FYI, challenge modes are far harder than any other 5-man you've ever done, and honestly, some of them are harder than a good number of past raid bosses.

    XanderJS said it perfectly. Nothing Blizzard does is going to stop you getting bored with something you do often. They can only provide you with more content so it takes longer to get through everything and reach that point. Complaining that one specific portion of content is boring after you've been through it a dozen times really isn't anything new. Nor is it going to change anything. The problem is with the user, not the game, in this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciferiuz View Post
    So you leave the shorted heroic in the game, finishable in under 12 minutes by any average group, because you can't tell the dps to kill adds?

    Yes, you are the real winner here.
    its not the shortest if pugs are wiping and dont understand the instance. Add in its a shit instance so it becomes worthless to me.

    because time is the only thing that matters right... sheeple.

    I guess if im a winnner, you are a weeeener!

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    Ironically, the 3 revamped vanilla dungeons (Scholo, Cath and Halls) are my all time favorites, while I don't really like the new dungeons. I never really liked their theme to begin with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazar View Post
    its not the shortest if pugs are wiping and dont understand the instance. Add in its a shit instance so it becomes worthless to me.

    because time is the only thing that matters right... sheeple.

    I guess if im a winnner, you are a weeeener!
    There is literally one difficult mechanic in the entire instance, which has a 50% chance of not being present at all.

    I have no idea why you find this so hard to communicate.

    As to whether or not its a "shit instance", personally I find it much more fun than the alternative. There are no trash packs which pull the same, there is a gauntlet, each boss has a real mechanic and leading up to the end boss the trash forecasts his abilities which lets you plan your end boss strat in advance (here is where you tell people to dps adds for future reference).

    If you honestly find this instance so horrible - I would hate to see which ones you enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuzzfizzle View Post
    You don't kill the adds.
    Actually, assuming you get either Blackout Brew, bubbles or waves then you should probably be killing adds with most pug groups.

    Blocking the beams is always an option but once you throw movement into the equation most people have a hard time keeping lined up.

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