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    Your favorite old DOS games

    I doubt many of the average viewers on here ever had the "pleasure" of using DOS or Windows 3.11 or worse, just DOS. But for some of us old bums that grew up with just the flashing C: prompt and no GUI at all, there were games that we could play believe it or not.

    They were some of the most memorable games, growing up in a weird era where there was no real competition for games, the regular Nintendo was battling the later Atari models, the SEGA Master drive was terrible, the SNES was just a pipe dream and arcades were still very relevant. Back when games had to fight through creativity and gameplay, often becoming unique, never to be repeated, just to stand out in a not very profitable industry.

    My favorite games were simple. Like Wheel of Fortune, Hot Rod (car racing game), Stunts (stunt car racing game), and lots of Lucasarts games like Monkey Island, the Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, the Indiana Jones side scroller games(punching nazis in the face!).

    But then I came across the three games that would change my computer gaming future, Wing Commander, Dune 2 and Ultima 7: Serpent's Isle. Games that made me realize that the PC was a truly unique gaming platform, allowing peripherals, voiced characters (in the early 90s), and expansive gameplay that coincidentally included expansions.

    I was wondering if any other gamers have fond memories of DOS and getting the most out of their 640kb of memory?

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    Transport Tycoon, all i need to add to this thread, ive spend days playing that game.

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    Ultima underworld and the original Civ i'm pretty sure I played back on DOS, great memories

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    The Patient
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    used to play arkanoid, the simpsons, italia 90, arcade volleyball, prince of persia 1 & 2, dune, warcraft 2, street fighter, wolfenstein 3d and doom. had loads of games back then. but i loved to play the simpsons with my friends 4 of us on the same keyboard was the bomb!

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Monkey island 1/2
    Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis
    Dune 2
    Transport tycoon
    Doom 1&2
    Rebel Assault
    Cannon Fodder
    Prince of Persia
    Sim City 2000/Sim Farm
    Theme Hospital
    Heroes of Might and Magic

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    Text based game called Advent (one of many text based adventures I played as a kid). Here is an example:

    You are standing in a field.

    /go west

    You are at the edge of a see a cave to the north.

    /go north

    You are at the mouth of a cave.

    etc. etc. etc. In reality it was really a lot more of the computer telling me 'I do not understand that command' Good times.

    Not exactly dos, but I also played a ton of Qbasic games like nibbles and gorilla.

    Also Oregon Trail. "You have shot a bison....500 pounds of meat. You can only carry 32".

    My favorite games of that era were of course Sierra's classics King's and Spaces Quests and Quest for Glory.

    I also loved Larry Bird vs Dr. J one-on-one. CGA graphics ftw.
    "Brevity is...wit"

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    I made an Account just to post on this thread

    X-com: UFO defence / Xcom Terror from the deep
    X-wing / Tie fighter
    Wing comander 1-4
    Wing comander Privateer
    Doom 1-2
    Ultima 4-8
    ADnD Dark Queen of krin
    Quest for Glory 1-4

    Ah the good old days
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    Doom 1/2, heratic, Redneck Rampage.

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    Castle II: Siege and Conquest!!

    Really, the list goes on. As a software engineer, I've made apps that let me run most of the oldest dos games just for the nostalgia. Gems such as:

    - Forgotten Realms Gold Box series
    - Ancients I & II
    - Castles II: Siege and Conquest
    - Castle of the Winds
    - Doom I & II
    - Heretic
    - Warcraft I & II
    - Terminal Velocity

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    Dungeon Keeper 1 (thanks to i finaly was able to buy this game again currently on sale for 2.34$ so is dungeon keeper 2 and they have been fixed so they work for win7)
    Commander Keen 4
    Dune 2
    Warcraft 1+2 (i think they are dos games dont remember >.> )

    Might be more but i cant remember them at the moment.

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    Dune I&II
    Eye of the Beholder
    Duke Nukem
    Commander Keen.
    Warcraft 1 (2 was on win3.1)

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    Off the top of my head:
    Red Baron
    Master of Magic
    Golden Axe

    and many, many more.

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    Essex, England
    Transport Tycoon
    Sam & Max
    Warcraft: Orcs and Humans
    Little Big Adventure

    Off the top of my head...

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    Ooh, that takes me back...

    "Commander Keen" (1 through 6 and don't forget "Keen dreams", part 3.5 :P )
    "Master of magic"
    "Wolfenstein 3D"
    "DOOM" and "DOOM II"
    "Sam & Max hit the road"
    "Day of the tentacle"
    "Warcraft: orcs and humans"
    "Ducktales" was pretty good too
    "Transport Tycoon" (There's a windows port, "OpenTTD", still play that a lot)

    In the 4-colour CGA days, i also played "Castle adventure" (First game i finished) and "Alley cat" a lot

    As convenient as Windows is (So long as it works ), i miss the old DOS classics a lot...
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    Rayman DOS was amazing. It was a port from the Playstation I believe though. If we're talking pure DOS, then Warcraft II.

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    The Lost Vikings
    Day of the Tentacle
    Sam and Max
    Monkey Island
    Sim City 2000

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    Mobile, AL
    Sim City

    think thats about all i had lol.

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    here is my list

    duke nukem 3d
    old lucasarts games
    old sierra adventure games
    SSI gold box games
    ultima 7 games
    lands of lores
    doom games
    wing commander 1 and 2 (wc1 was the reason why i start to play on pc)
    command & conquer
    eye of the beholder 2
    UFO: Enemy Unknown
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    I got into PC gaming when DirectX was new, so I didn't get much into DOS. The games I remember playing most were War Craft II, Doom 2, and Duke Nukem 3D, as well as NHL 96 and 97. I played an older Might and Magic game too, but I don't remember which. Most of my games I ran through Windows 95 (at the time they could work with either). Whatever the hell happened to Gravis? They made all the best controllers back then too.

    I really didn't game at all much around then though. Consoles were getting into 3-D, and aside from a few games on N64, most were terribly designed, and 3-D computer games started to require an accelerator, something I couldn't afford until I started working in 1998. I was also in the 16 to 18 age range, and internet access was new to me. I spent most of my time back then on the computer on the internet with a raging boner thanks to my new found access to an unlimited amount of porn on IRC, Usenet, and sites that didn't follow copyright laws just yet.

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    Who remembers Chip's Challenge? >_>

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