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    [A] Offspring 10 - Trollbane EU - MSV 4/6 HC, HoF 6/6 Normal

    Offspring has been around since early Vanilla (approximately 5 years), and we've been raiding actively ever since. Our aim has always been to clear all newly introduced content while staying competitive and on top of our gameplay. We were among the top 100 world wide to defeat M'uru and Kil'jaeden pre-nerf. We are now a semi hardcore, 10 man raiding guild, that raids 4 evenings a week. We strive to defeat content as early as possible, whilst maintaining a lighter schedule than many top guilds. We finished Cataclysm with a world ranking of 250, and rank 148 in terms of 10 man ranking.

    We're currently working our way through t14, and need to fill up the roster with a few more players. As of writing this, we are at 4/6 HC MSV, and 6/6 HoF.


    Some of our members have been playing together throughout the entire game and have developed strong bonds and relationships, even outside the game, which is something we're very proud of. We have a huge guild community that goes beyond our active player base. The casual/friend rank consists of players who have raided with Offspring in the past or are very close in-game our real life friends. Members that maintain a casual/friend rank in the guild, have an opportunity to participate in any guild events, key word being raids, and witness the new content while remaining casual to the game. Even though priority to a raid spot is always given to members of a higher rank, sometimes it's possible to please both sides, which we try. Our community expands above the borders of the game, meaning a large percentage of retired players still visits our forums and ventrilo on a regular basis.

    Raid roster and raiding

    Our raid roster has main 3 ranks in it.

    Raider (officers fall in this rank) - Core player of the guild. Able to attend most raids and doesn't have any major flaws over the play of his character.
    Backup - Player who can't obligate himself to a stable raider rank for a specific reason. For example, can attend only 2 of out of 4 raids or something similar. In the worse case, player who isn't good enough to have a raider rank.
    Trial - Future raider or backup (or not). Depending on mostly performance and attendance, trials will be assorted to one of the above ranks. Please note, being accepted as trial is in no way a guarantee for membership.

    Things to note

    As trial (and possibly member later) you're expected to give your very best in every occasion, regardless if it's farm, progress or hogger. You also strive not to die to stupid things and spam our secret fail channel. Dieing to X once is okay (we've all been there) but constantly making the same mistakes will most likely shorten your days as trial. Being loot hungry is a huge minus at the very start. If you absolutely need gear to sustain your thirst for it, at least wait for your promotion (again not set in stone) until you decide to express it to everyone. The most important thing (I can't stress how much of an importance this is to not just the officers but for the guild as a whole) for all our members, regardless of rank, is to place overall guild's benefit over their personal preference and goals. This goes for everything, let it be a simple enchant or an entire raid. We expect to get common sense from everyone. Refusing to join a raid (while under one of the 3 main raider ranks), while playing a battleground, arena or anything alike, will in most cases instantly lead to a permanent removal from the guild, without exceptions. Not being able to raid due to a weak internet connection, low fps rate or something similar, but still being able to play is a different matter and case dependent, and should be taken up with an officer before the raid.

    Raid days

    Our raiding schedule is as followed:

    Monday 19.15-23.00
    Wednesday 19.15-23.00
    Thursday 19.15-23.00
    Sunday 19.15-23.00


    For all events (raids) organized by the guild we use Ventrilo (in future text as VT). During the course of raids, you're expected to be on VT from the time we start until we finish. If you're put on backup, you still need to remain on VT so we have access to you should we decide to make adjustments to the raid. We strictly speak English and aren't very keen on listening to foreign languages. It's allowed in your own channel outside of raid times. During the raid, casual talk over VT is allowed, while there's nothing important being said (guild announcements or tactics being the important stuff). A microphone without much background sound is highly valued but isn't essential.

    Loot system

    We use a loot council system to distribute loot. The four officers of the guild form this council, and loot is allocated based on a number of factors; attendance, skill, attitude and current gear.


    • Able to attend 3 out of 4 raids per week
    • You have consumables ready for every encounter; flasks, food and potions (wotlk ones don't count)
    • You're not arrogant, hypocritical or loot a ##!%#.
    • You're able to behave maturely when giving or receiving criticism (receiving being the key word here)
    • You're able to communicate comprehensible english
    • You have full knowledge of your class. Able to adapt to certain changes, or full revamps of your class. Knowing how to play your offspec(s) on pair with your main spec is a huge plus (and we really mean huge)
    • Prioritizing PvE over PvP (meaning you'd rather farm heroics for gear than do bgs or arenas)
    • Stable fps and internet connection
    • Know how to recognize sarcasm (most important!)

    Current Recruitment Status:

    We are currently looking to rectuit a few more exceptional dpsers to fill our roster. All classes and specs will be considered, however we have a high priority on :

    Balance druid (If you can play resto huge+)
    Disc/Holy - priests (willing to play shadow is a huge+)
    Holy paladin
    Mistweaver monk

    Regardless of the current recruitment status, we always consider exceptional players.


    Please visit our website for details on how to join:

    For more information about Offspring, our recruitment, history of progress, visit our community site. For direct in-game contact, whisper one of the officers on Trollbane (Sheela, Aspi, Ravernett, Virtua).

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    Bump! Healers are still a high prio, together with a balance druid!

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    Balance druid, disc priest, mistweaver monk and holy paladin are all high up on our recruitment list!

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    Terrace of Endless Spring cleared easily.

    Still recruiting!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Will of the Emperor heroic down! Making us 6/6 hc in MSV, rest is cleared on normal mode, but not for long!

    Still recruiting!

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    Bump. Always considering to recruit exceptional players!

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    Bump! Two bosses down in heroic HoF! Still recruiting!

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