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    looking for info regarding leveling

    My only experience in the game is with a trial account that i played around with. I am looking to create a toon which will heal end game. I assume like other games with multiple trees that it would be best to level as some sort of dps that can then switch to heals at max level.

    So yeah what is the best way to level that leaves me with the most options to heal end game. In the case there are multiple options i prefer ranged caster type classes, quite fond of frost mages and pre mop shadow priests from wow.

    Thanking everyone in advance.

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    Well, the thing is, with RIFT, you have about 5-6 separate specs you can have at once, and switch between at will.

    Mages and Clerics are the classes that are able to heal, having the most options to heal you would probably want to go as a cleric, where you get about 3-4 separate healing specs.

    Shadow Priests or Frost Mage esque specs for the Cleric, I can't say much of, I would say probably the Mage would allow for that, and the healing is unlike any other healing in an MMO that I can recall really.

    For a cleric spec in leveling, I'd recommend if you wanted to go for ranged caster, try inquisitor, fun spec. The other spec is Cabalist, but I am not entirely sure of the style of it.

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    like cliff said, more than likely you would be swapping specs all the time, you may want something out of 1 healing tree for this fight but something out of another tree for this fight but the specs are built differently, etc.

    Mages Healing though is more of a DPS to heal spec.

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