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    Just give every race the EMFH or make it baseline. That way choosing a race has more meaning.

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    Racials affecting combat gameplay is a terrible idea for MMOs. New MMOs such as Rift and TOR have moved away from that, and I entirely approve of this.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elodeon View Post
    Whether or not the human racial is balanced is strongly related to what options are available to non-humans. The argument right now is not so much whether the human racial is OP on its own - which I believe it is not; if you increase its CD, it becomes useless.

    The argument is whether the trinket choices available to other races are strong enough to compensate. Through most of Cataclysm, the freeing PvP trinket used by other races was a strong one. Half of the trinket was what the human racial does, and the other half had the same resilience budget that you could find on other PvP trinkets.

    In Mists, the freeing PvP trinkets seem to be weaker, and don't have the same passive benefits as the 2nd trinket that can be used by humans.

    The question of whether or not this is balanced is still not easy to answer, however. The racial abilities of other races are fairly strong in their own regard.

    Orcs get an on-demand cooldown, which means stronger burst, which is more useful than a sustained DPS boost available to humans.

    Tauren, Blood Elves, and Pandaren get an extra CC ability, which can be exceptionally strong when chained with other CC to get a kill.

    Gnomes get a second escape ability, which can be invaluable in saving yourself or your partner.

    Worgen get a racial sprint that can be chained or even stacked with other sprints.

    Goblins get a rocket jump that gives them extra time on target, or an extra ability to get away.

    Compared to all of the above, the ability to use a 2nd PvP trinket when you have the human racial seems relatively unimpressive. It's a part-passive (PvP power), part unpredictable proc DPS increase.

    I'm not entirely convinced that's better than the alternatives, given that what matters in PvP to get a kill is (1) burst, and (2) the ability to chain CC. Other racials seem to play into that better.

    Well said. I couldn't have presented it better myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runedhill;18999371 It [U
    will not change[/U]. It will not be taken out. It will not be made baseline
    There have been numerous times throughout the history of WoW where others have thought certain things would not happen. Such as, Paladins on Horde and Shaman on Alliance. PvE to PvP server transfers. PvP cross faction character rolling. Each time those individuals were proven wrong, time and time again. If it comes to a point where vast quantities of folks are rerolling or race switching to human then you will see a change.

    To be honest, racials should be taken out completely or made into pure flavor skills. That would end any and all debate on the subject...well in theory.

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    Again? Human racial is brought up every single season, several times per season. It's fine, tons of good players play horde and they do just fine, tons of Alliance players play something other than human and do fine.

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