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    Hybrid Drive Caching: 64gb

    I searched for hybrid drive and didn't find any information, but I'm looking at a 500gb hybrid drive with a 64gb ssd cache. Can I install any programs or OS solely on that cache, or am I only allowed access to the main hdd? Also, how would this compare to a regular 7200 drive and a decent ssd (that 64gb cache seems on the bigger side of hybrid drives that I've seen, does that mean I'll get a lot more frequently used programs on it?). Thanks in advance!

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    afaik they dont really make anything like that, most hybrid drives only have 4-8GB of ssd flash

    and all you really do is just install them like a normal drive


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    usually the user doesn't touch the SSD. what's on the SSD is determined by the drive
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    From what I have read, you simply use it as a normal drive, and the software caches the most commonly accessed files, including boot files onto the chip instead of platter only. I have not heard any bad things about them yet. From what it sounds like, is the performance is a good bit better than a standard platter, but not quite as good as most SSDs. I fair compromise I would say.

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    tech is highly unreliable though and also more specifics? (for laptop/desktop ?/perhaps big HDD with msata ssd for caching etc?)
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