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    Why do you Raid?

    Just out of curiosity, why do you raid in the World of Warcraft?

    Some people do it out of presteige, and find the thrill of the world first / server first, hell even server 5, 6, 7 race. Some people do it because they like the lore, and some do it because they love the gear grind. Where do you fit in the mass amount of raiders? Do you enjoy raiding because it gives you something to train your mind on and become good at, even if its a game?

    Personally when I raided in this game, i did it because I loved the difficulty of the raids. I loved seeing major lore figures come to life and be shown with personality. The moment I actually made it to the summit where Illidan stood, my jaw dropped and i was actually standing in the presence of he who wields the skull of Guldan. It was an epic feeling. Thats just where im coming from!

    also: inb4 "rose colored glasses"

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    I mostly do it to see the content and experience the lore. Hence lfr is a god send. I sometimes tag along with my guild for a more challenging experience but I'm an altoholic and prefer to play at my own pace.

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    I raid because I enjoy the company of the people I'm raiding with, enjoy spending time with them and solving problems with them and figuring out how we can kill bosses together. I enjoy challenging myself as well.

    I do enjoy the lore and the feeling of "epicness" but the people I'm playing with is the main reason.

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    i just love the feeling when you struggle on a boss for a (looooooong) time and you finally down him with your guildies and all that hard work and effort pays off.

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    I started raiding because the idea of nine other people and I working in unison to take down giant monsters was really, really cool to me. Since then, it's essentially been the same core group over the years with a couple that have come and gone. We're a pretty well-oiled machine. I guess that sense of teamwork is what keeps me coming back for more.
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    I started raiding initially because I was out of other things to do and wanted to see what the hoopla was all about. Now I raid for several reasons. My guildmates have become my friends and I enjoy the time with them. I enjoy the new challenges and working through them together. I enjoy that rush when you see a boss that you've been working on for so long at 1% health and you know the kill is coming. I enjoy the excitement when you see that piece of loot you've been looking for drop. I'm not a hardcore raider and am in a very casual raiding guild but we take our raids seriously and have fun at it. That's what's most important about it. World 1st or world 390859034850th we have fun.

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    When I began raiding, I was still relatively new to the game, and MMO's in general, so for me it had a lot to do with my history playing WC3, and not going to lie, stepping into raids for the first time, the epic feel of it was overwhelming. I'd say up until mid-ICC I was just concerned with having fun and trying to absorb this new world. Come mid-ICC though I moved into the one of the top 3 guilds on my server, and the 5 nights a week HM raid schedule set in. Wasn't long before my only concerns were min/maxing numbers, and being the best. It stopped being about this cool world and started being about winning. I miss that old feel of "new." I've been messing around with the F2P to 20 feature in Rift, and that sense of wonder is kind of back for me in that game. Anyway, I have lots more I want to say but it would quickly move off topic so I'll stop here.
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    I used to raid because I liked seeing new content and getting epics. Then my guild got better and I kept raiding because I liked helping us moving up the realm ladder and getting achievements. Then we kept getting better and I kept raiding because it felt awesome to be the top geared player of my class on the server and getting server-first titles. Then my kid's betimes started crashing into raid-time, and the late nights started getting to me, so I stopped raiding. Then LFR came along and now I raid because I like seeing new content and getting epics.

    So yeah.

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    I've been in some terrible immature guilds over the years who take things way too seriously to the point of swearing and screaming. I'm not hardcore, they were never hardcore, so why they carried on like a bunch of silly kids was beyond me. That type of raiding is not for me. I swore after Wrath that I would not raid again until I found a great, mature guild who recognized that if you're at least trying, things would be fine. I found that guild finally in Cata and into Mists now. I actually enjoy raiding now. The people make a big difference. So for me, it's not about gear, it's just about having fun, downing bosses and laughing with a bunch of cool people. We're serious when it matters, but never lose sight of the fact that it's just a game.

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    I raid for a chance at mounts and the pretty purples that drop off the Bosses.

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    they are the only way to test yourself as an individual/group at a high level, plus its fun to get a boss down for the first time, and shiny gear doesnt hurt either.

    but what makes it enjoyable is the 10/25 people you run them with.

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    I raid because:

    - I enjoy the lore / story behind it
    - I enjoy the loot and powering up my character
    - I enjoy overcoming challenges with friends
    - I enjoy the challenge and coordination required
    - I enjoy raiding because it is fun

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    I raid because it's fun, beating bosses as a team is fun and winning great gear is fun. It also gives me purpose: Why did I level? So I can raid. Why did I / am I do(ing) these dailies? To get better gear, so I can contribute more to the raid. Why do I run every permutation of LFR available to me each week, as well as Sha of Anger? For a chance at better gear, so I can do better in my guild's raid. (Once I outgear those places, I stop running them.)

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    i dont raid anymore,
    i raided in previous addons because wow was pretty much the only game which interested me, and when u spend hours a day in a game, you will get bored soon if you dont raid (at least i got bored)

    now with other options, i just do lfr once a week till i have seen the first 3 raidinstances and then dunno

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    It's fun.

    You experience the conclusion, or even start, to new Lore Stories and Experiences.

    It's challenging (especially this Xpack).

    I like getting cool looking gear.

    I like pulling huge numbers.

    I like feeling like I've accomplished something!
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    I like getting loot, especially when it requires working together to do it.

    Lore is fun to experience, too.

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    I don't raid in WoW, I raid in SWTOR, but the reasons are the same.

    I play to see the continuation of the story first and foremost.

    I used to raid for the purpose of competition. Whether it was competing for best DPS or competing with other guilds. But that has become less and less important as I have gotten older. It is still there somewhat, but its just not important.

    I like the sense of accomplishment of working together with my guild to taken down tougher and tougher bosses.

    I raid because it is a fun social experience.

    I raid for gear. It is fun to improve your character, it is also necessary to gear up to face tougher and tougher challenges.

    I raid to see new and unique environments. Those of you that have seen the new SWTOR raid, "Terror from Beyond" know what I am talking about here, that place is beautifully unique.

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    Killing epic bosses with tough strategies

    Collecting fat loots

    Competing with my guildies on the DPS chart

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    It`s fun.


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    Basically, loot.
    Killing bosses for the first time is fun, every time after that it is 99% for the big phat lewt for me. Muahahahaha.
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