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    I find it fun. I enjoy the progression push, and pushing what I can for bleeding edge content.
    When its no longer bleeding edge, I instead opt to focus on parses and ranks.

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    I like competing with the other DPS/healers in my guild, and of course the feeling/joy when that particular boss finally goes down after all the wipes is amazing.

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    To see the bosses for one, and if the gear looked good to want to raid. I did Firelands especially as I wanted a chance at the shield...which I didn't have luck to get (and I never went back after the nerf...not dealing with the ignore mechanics/HEAL ME NOW!! idiots). Otherwise, WoW raiding just isn't very appealing to me, w-a-y too much drama.
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    It's fun and the race for oceanic first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coockiedough View Post
    i just love the feeling when you struggle on a boss for a (looooooong) time and you finally down him with your guildies and all that hard work and effort pays off.

    have to agree here

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    Some people go bowling, play cards, golf, etc.. I play games and twice a week I get together with my friends and family and hang out for 3 hours a night. It is cheaper than going out and usually provides more fun and satisfaction. And gear, can't forget the loots.

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    Been asking myself that question for a while tbh. I barely raid anymore, i'm more a backup for my guild, talking to my Raid Leader a few times about quitting completly, its just hard to ditch people you played with for a very long time.

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    Mostly for the loot. More specifically, for the feeling of progression that you get as you down new bosses in a raid zone. I liked getting loot and seeing my character grow stronger (or more efficient, seeing as how I mostly raided as a healer). But I also enjoyed seeing guildmates get upgrades, knowing that progression is a team effort.

    The lore aspect was a nice side bonus, though that seems to have been ignored this expansion.

    For reference, I raided in Vanilla and TBC, up to weeks and weeks of pre-patch M'uru work. I quit after beating the Naxx tier and then seeing how easy Ulduar was on PTR. I am a LFR raider now. I can see everything while playing WoW entirely as a single-player game. I'll play until I beat this raid tier, and then likely unsubscribe until the next tier comes out. By definition, I'm the type of subscriber you should hate. I'm the cancer that's killing this game.

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    Why do I like to raid?
    Personally there is no one specific answer however I would have to say it would be the experience of raiding with 9 - 24 other people, having a laugh and getting along. On top of that I would also have to say I like the idea of being a raider, and the feel of downing new bosses. That being said, I also don't mind wiping on a boss over and over again because if the company is good I don't care what we're doing.

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    I raid only because I refuse to abandon my guild. If it wasn't for me running it, I would've quit a long time ago.

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    The reason for me has, and will always be, the same:

    There is nothing more epic in an online game than a large group of players slaying a giant boss. Hearing everyone's voices and excitement over Teamspeak, seeing a large group of people running around casting spells and swinging weapons while the boss stomps around, breathing fire in all directions.

    That was the raiding that I was sold on when I first got into MMORPGs. But it is the raiding of the past.

    Raids nowadays have dwindled down into measly 8-10 man groups with over-the-top spell graphics used to make up for the lack of players and encounter mechanics that are borderline reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog. We have several different versions of the same boss fight that does nothing but strip it of all value.

    Gone are the days of epic dragonslaying in groups of 40+ and siege battles that required the effort of an entire server.
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    A lot of reasons, but I find it really fun. It's reasonably challenging, it's an enjoyable thing to do with friends, it gives you access to some of the cooler aspects of the game (whether in lore, story, or badass mounts and titles) and it is rewarding [for the character].

    Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment when everyone works together perfectly and everything finally falls into place and you get that kill.
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    Logic exercise and social interaction. I like solving problems by analyzing the conditions and determining an effective solution to that situation. It is good practice for me with learning the limitations of others and knowing how to apply them to a problem in a way that is most beneficial. I also very much enjoy talking with people who are much closer to my peer group than the majority of people.
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    becouse i think its fun to raid, and its funny to talk with the freinds

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    That feeling you get when you have the majority of your raid group dead and you manage to get your first kill on a particular boss. It's almost an adrenaline rush of some sort.

    Outside of that, playing with many others of like minded people who are enjoying the same thing is always good.

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    i personally like raids cause of the fights lasting longer than 20-30 seconds like with questing or random BGs lol

    10-15min continuous dps/healing is what made me like this game a lot lol. there aren't many other games where fights last that long.
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    I like the fact that you can team up with people you don't even know, put your collective egos aside, and put all of your skills together to accomplish a goal. You know, assuming you have a guild that can put their egos aside for a few nights a week. When everyone is on the same level with the same goal, raiding is a beautiful thing. It becomes tedious and mind numbing when you have a few people that refuse to do what is required of them and they underperform causing unnecessary wipes. But when everyone clicks and you do everything just right, it's awesome.

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    I used to raid because it was endgame and because I had the time to dedicate. And with it came the thrill of challenge and the satisafction of downing a boss within the skill restriction that my guild and raidforce offered. Purple shineys were a nice bonus....

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    For me I like the challenge of trying to be the best I can to benefit the others in my raid. I like to work as a team to destroy the bosses in front of of me using the tools I have. (small raid team, we rarely change out characters to make the best of anything). I've been lucky, I've raided with the exact same people since BC at this point. I like it because I like the new zones and the lore can be interesting. The social aspect is nice as well in its own way. I raid honestly because I find it fun and interesting. It reminds me of playing team sports, which at this point is tough for me to do because of age, area, etc.

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    I like the teamwork aspect. But mostly because it reminds me of old games that required learning the game to progress. There is a certain satisfaction in managing what you have failed at a lot of times. And that pretty much is raiding.

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