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    Rags to Riches Challenge!

    The Rags to Riches Challenge

    How much gold can you acquire by the end of the challenge? How long will it take you to complete the challenge?

    Here is leveling the challenge:

    1) Level a character from 1-90 using Only items you find off monster drops.

    2) You may do quests, but you must sell any and all quest rewards to a vendor.

    3) You may not use the AH to buy gear to wear. You may not craft any gear to wear.

    4) You may pick only gathering professions. You may only gather minerals to level the profession to 600, not to farm with (to keep things fair for everyone)

    5) You may use the AH to sell any minerals / herbs / leathers, items you find. This will only be for gold, nothing else.

    Here is the Dungeon Challenge:

    Any and all items / gear you find off bosses must be sold to a vendor (vanity items ill let you hold onto ie: mini pets, tabards, rare transmog gear) Greens and blue items you find off trash mobs are free game for your character to wear (as they are off regular monsters).

    6) While leveling up, complete each and every dungeon with the gear you have found off monsters only. This includes all Vanilla dungeons, All BC dungeons, All BC heroic dungeons, All wrath dungeons, All wrath heroic dungeons, All Cata dungeons, All Cata heroic dungeons, All MoP Dungeons, All MoP Heroic Dungeons. (You must stop your exp at each milestone 70, 80, 85 to complete the heroic dungeons)

    7) This will require you to do the Wrath, Cata and MoP heroic dungeons with friends as you will not be able to que in the dungeon finder because of the ilvl req. That being said, those you run with must not be carrying you. They must abide by the same rules as you and their item level must be lower lower than the heroic que requirement.

    8) Once you have every dungeon complete, (All heroic and normal dungeon master achievements) You may then proceed to gear your character in the latest MoP Heroic gear. The challenge is almost complete:

    9) Announce your final gold tally from your challenge. Remember: The less you spend on flying speed etc, the larger your gold tally will be.

    Optional Challenge:

    9) Once you are full ilvl 463 in every slot, the next challenge begins. You must complete all raid bosses in the first tier of MoP with that 463 gear only. Every person must be only ilvl 463. This includes: MV, HoF, ToES.


    Rare spawns out in the world are free game, you can use any gear you find off them for your character. Rare spawn bosses in dungeons count as bosses and therefore the gear must be sold to a vendor.

    Edit 2:

    You may send 4 bags of any size to your new Rags to Riches Challenge character. Only 4. They can be any size (id recommend the largest you can get, but you decide)
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    Let me deconstruct this for you:

    1) This discludes all heirlooms, as well as quest rewards - so you're relying on luck, this works in Diablo, not in WoW green drops will be rare and if you're a cloth wearer this will be Improbable if not impossible to do, what's the point anyway?

    Going to end it there to be honest..

    You're making the game harder for no reason, if anybody does - at all - then it will be someone who has nothing at all better to do, it would be different if you were offering a 100k gold prize or something to the fastest leveler, but this is just ludicrous.

    As for this burden to other people bullshit, nobody would stick with it, people would get annoyed. You're putting yourself through pain.


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    *Shrug* People have done weirder stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
    Sounded like fun until I got to the dungeons and raids part. Good luck finding 4/9/24 other people willing to go along with that.
    I think those options are more reserved for people willing to do it...Also you'd be surprised how poorly geared you can find people in dungeon finder while leveling up ;;>.>

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    I'd rather just take the Ironman Challenge.

    This idea works way better in Diablo type games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
    The OP says no dungeon finder.

    I could see doing the dungeon part of it, it's insane, but can be done. The raids however... ouch. I don't think I'd be able to find 9 or 24 other people willing to go along with it.
    The only way you cant use dungeon finder is because of the ilvl requirement. You can only use gear that you find from mobs, so if you happen to find gear thats all the item levels required to enter, then by all means.

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