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    Tell me! where am i!
    #initformyselflolhashtags What is this months biggest megamillions jackpot and whats the winning number?
    i live by one motto! "lolwut?"

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    How did everything begin?
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    How do I create the world's perfect Ford pick up truck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebthet View Post
    How did everything begin?
    Yea this would be my question. I grew up in fairly Christian home and yet after graduating from the Christian school I attended for 13 years of my life I've begun to realise that so much in regards to science, space, evolution etc just makes a whole shit ton more sense. Plus it's a thousand times more interesting then any story or tale in The Bible, which are all full of hypocrisy and skewed logic.

    If I had one question it would definitely be about the Origins of the world.

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    Stuck between asking whether or not God exists and what the winning lottery numbers are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hastings95 View Post
    How do I become immortal, the variant where I'm immune to disease, and stay about about 25 years old. Because then I could devote my immortal life to learning, and learn everything possible.
    And have lots of sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SooFaded View Post
    Stuck between asking whether or not God exists and what the winning lottery numbers are.
    You would have more free time to find religion, faith, or whatever, with winning lottery numbers...

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    How do I keep the girl of my dreams?

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    What is truth?
    In fact as far as I'm aware the UK is the only european nation that outright bans guns for civilians.
    Shotguns I'll give you (provided you're allowed 12 and larger gauges... because I mean... come on...) but not .22s.
    This is why people ban guns. Gun supporters don't know what guns are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SooFaded View Post
    Stuck between asking whether or not God exists and what the winning lottery numbers are.
    I would just ask for lottery numbers.
    Knowledge if God exists or not, will not give you anything, there will still be a ton of people who don't believe you either way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stormtrooperz View Post
    How do I keep the girl of my dreams?
    should have asked for lottery numbers

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    What is the mechanism through which this question is being answered?.. No really, that would be my question.
    Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.
    -Thomas Jefferson

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    What's in the box?

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    What sounds good for dinner tonight?

    Honestly, for me the process of finding out these questions is just as important, so having them simply given to me would give me very little satisfaction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aalyy View Post
    What are the numbers to the next mega millions jackpot??
    Honestly, I'd ask this. Existential questions are nice and all, but they don't put a roof over your head.
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    why is it only sometimes for Y? He comes to work and has to juggle 2 jobs when everyone else doesn't. It's just not fair
    I play many games. WoW, Rift, D3, PoE, SC2 I will not criticize your game choice if you don't mine.

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    Why did the universe allow the abomination that is Twilight to exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Xarim View Post
    It's a strange and illogical world where not wanting your 10 year old daughter looking at female-identifying pre-op penises at the YMCA could feasibly be considered transphobic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N-7 View Post
    "What is my purpose?" or "Why am I alive?"
    Seems like a pretty cague question. Since I can pretty much answer that with: "We already are, by destroying it with CO2 and other toxic wastes."
    Not saying it's a good answer but your question wasn't too well formed anyway... :P

    OT I'd also want to know the key to fusion power as was mentioned earlier. That'd help the whole world, hopefully to the better.
    But big lotterywin sounds pretty tempting aswell...

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    What are the numbers to the next state Lottery(Illinois). I wnat the money so I can have a wonderful life financially. OR.... did that girl who hurt me two years back really have any feelings for all or even like me?

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    Probably how everything came to be. I mean, it's one question that is absolutely beyond human intellect to answer. It'd be really interesting to know, because honestly, I don't believe in the christian god, but a being that created everything is just as valid as anything science could throw out there.

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    "How can I, easily, and without incident or trouble, get the guaranteed answer similar to how I will get this one, to 100 more questions?"

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    how do you create a nuclear device using nothing but paper clips

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