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    If you could ask ONE question?

    If you could ask one question. Any question in the entire world what would it be? And you would get a guaranteed answer.

    Mine would be
    When do I die?

    I always wonder about this and when I spend 12 hours a day working towards my dream and spending so much hard work on it I fear life may be over any moment and its all a waiste.

    What would you ask?
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    Why are people so stupid.

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    One question with a guaranteed answer? "Which other star systems in our galaxy or which other galaxies in our universe contain sentient life?" or "If humanity survives long enough to become a new species, what will that species look like?".

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    And we would get the answer?

    I'd ask "How can I make this world a happier place for everyone in it now and in the future?" Or something along those lines.

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    Uhm lol who are we asking?

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    Do aliens exist?

    Are we ever going to live in space like in the movies and stuff?

    That's what I really like to know.
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    How do I get cold fusion to work?

    How can I patent the above to become more wealthy than any single nation on earth?
    I sat alone in the dark one night, tuning in by remote.
    I found a preacher who spoke of the light, but there was Brimstone in his throat.
    He'd show me the way, according to him, in return for my personal check.
    I flipped my channel back to CNN and lit another cigarette.

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    What is the truth behind the creation of the universe? Or maybe, what is the purpose of existence?

    Life is a series of choices between bad and worse.

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    Why is there a limit on how many questions that can be asked?
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    Assuming this question gets answered 100% truthful. I would ask my father why he did the things he did when I was younger. If the person can still lie then I'll pass on asking him.

    I would then go with "Is there an after life?".

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    What is the answer to the question that I should be asking right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    "Which other star systems in our galaxy or which other galaxies in our universe contain sentient life?"
    This is the one thing i would ask. Even though the answer to that question will not affect me in anyway, i still want to know.
    I think if i asked when i would die, would just make me paranoid about that day.
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    Is there a god?

    If there isn't, almost every deity and prophet based religion would instantly crumble. It would be glorious.

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    What are the numbers to the next mega millions jackpot??

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    What is the answer to all of the questions I would like to know?

    If it had to be more specific... How does one achieve immortality?
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    I would ask this:
    What is the question and answer if everyone in the world was allowed this same 100% truthful answer question?

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    What will I have for dinner tomorrow?

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    "What is my purpose?" or "Why am I alive?"

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    Why is there no spoon?

    In all seriousness, "How do we change the world?"

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    How do I become immortal, the variant where I'm immune to disease, and stay about about 25 years old. Because then I could devote my immortal life to learning, and learn everything possible.
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