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    I can't believe this wasnt asked before....

    What comes after death?

    Depending on the answer, I might enjoy my life or live only to somehow achieve immortality!!
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    Why is the human race so divide, unable to understand, accept, and grasp the idea of World peace?

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    I'd ask: What would a world of peace really be like, and would it be sustainable? A utopia on Earth? Or is that an exclusively-heaven thing?

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    Why the fuck wont god bring back paradise?

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    What the hell was the deal with Walt? I mean, come on.....they make such a big deal over him for the first 2 seasons, then he's just gone, and nothing? And that stupid little epilogue didn't really count.
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    what happens after death?

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    Well in the case thats its just an answer and what i ask can be nothing like someone said earlier ''How do I become immortal?'' and when it says no I would feel that question wasted. In my case like others have said are there any other other living organisms like us? that think and have a civilization. People here have said they would want to know when they die and I find that to be selfish..this one question you know anything in the you ask when you will die? Like it matters because you will in some time.
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    I'd have to go with the standard "What happens after death" myself. Reincarnation? After life? Etc.

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    Yeah; lottery ticket here, as well.
    Asking about life after death or deities is simply silly if you don't already believe those things are possible (though if I did believe they'd be possible, an 'after death' would probably be involved in my question), and even if a question about how to achieve immortality would be answered, there is absolutely no reason to assume I could ever comprehend it, or put it in practice...

    So an answer that automatically leads to loads of wealth would have to do. :P

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    Is the cake a lie?

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    Why crow, why?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    Why is there a limit on how many questions that can be asked?
    I can't tell whether you're asking OP or if that's what your question would be but I laughed harder than I should at your response.

    I think my question would have to be, "How can I fix the gaming industry so that isn't full of publishers shitting all over it?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    Do aliens exist?
    yes they do, sadly you used your 1 question on too obvious thing :P

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    "How do i gain immortality?"
    I mean, hey, if its a guaranteed answer...

    Could also be along the lines of "How can i keep living forever, unless murdered or in an accident?" considering immortality means you cant die no matter what, which is a bit more difficult.

    And if i get "Its impossible" as an answer to either, then atleast i tried.

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    To Douglas Adams:

    Why 42?

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    I'm gonna have to go with a lotto question as well.

    What are the next winning numbers to the Powerball jackpot in order?

    If it has to be a question no one alive knows the answer to:

    How did the universe come to be?
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    How in the hell did my money disappeared from my table last month.

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    can i have a cookie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defengar View Post
    Is there a god?

    If there isn't, almost every deity and prophet based religion would instantly crumble. It would be glorious.
    What would you tell them? 'hey, i asked this thing that always answers correctly and it turns out that there is no god'.

    Some would believe you, some wouldnt. Thats like the base of all religions.

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    What is the formula needed for cold fusion?

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