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    One man Guilds? Am I the only?

    Anyone else out there with a one man guild? Before MoP I had a solid run with three other friends who played since Vanilla. We were a guild of four. I joined the group right before Cata came out and I guess the taste for the game fizzled out for them. By default I became the GM of the guild and learned to join sub in as an extra for other guilds and randomed on Dungeons,Raids and BG's.

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    But what is the point of having guild with only you inside? Are you leveling it solo so you can sell it later or?
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    I guess for the text under the Name.

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    Simple. It's for bank alts. Guild banks are cheap for storage space.

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    I have a 1man guild also, Level 10 now lol, i started it with the intention of making another leveling guild, but just haven't got round to it

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    People use 'em for personal banks on bank alts but not sure I'd want to be alone in a guild on my primary characters.
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    My wife and I for all intensive purposes have a two person guild. We have some F & F in their who log on occasionally but it's mainly just us and our alts and were both having a blast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Algearond View Post
    for all intensive purposes
    It's "all intents and purposes" actually :>
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    My boyfriend and I are essentially a two-man guild. We have a few other friends in it who sometimes log on, but it's usually just us.

    Suits us fine. Quiet, and we still get perks.

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    I'd go crazy without a bunch of people to talk to in guild chat.
    Keeps me civil, because I go a little crazy when people ask stupid stuff in general chat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
    It's "all intents and purposes" actually :>
    well, the purposes of it could be intensive on the other hand.

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    I have a guild called Shu that I started shortly after the MoP launch, it was for the sole reason that I wanted to be the crowd and not be another sheep in the crowd.

    I've leveled that guild solo 1-5 so far, I intend in doing the profession and level 90 classes achievements solo. I've added two friend to the guild recently with recruit a friend to make that a reality, it's actually very resourceful, almost like having a very portable bank with benefits from all of my other characters, it's fun.

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    I have one! Well, um... four. One for my Alliance characters, one for my Horde characters, and one each for my AH alts. And yet I still run out of bank space...

    Being in a guild - even on your own - also means you don't get bombarded with guild invites. (I know you can block the actual invites, but you still get the whispers if you're unguilded.) I also find it's easier to share things (e.g. mats) between my characters via guild bank than via mail. I like being a loner

    Edit: Oh yeah, and now guild leveling's way easier, you can have the perks, too! Currently level 8 on my Alliance guild, which is where I mostly play. I have to be in a certain mood to socialise, and it's really nice to be able to have some of the advantages of being in a guild without having to deal with people when I'm not in the mood.
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    I have a lvl 8 bank guild cause i decided to level up my alts through the bank guild not bad considering 5 percent now automatically goes into my bank when i loot

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    i had a one man guild called Øne Man Army
    but knowing that im losing most guild perks was annoying so i ended up transfering the guild to an alt and then i just got into another guild

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    I've been in a friends/family guild that consisting of a bunch of high school friends and they're kids. It's dwindled for various reasons over the years (it was started at the end of Vanilla) and is now just the six of us. I'm more of quester and I like keeping in contact this way so I find it really fun.

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    I have a 1 man guild but it's just for my bank alt.

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    My main for MoP is in a solo guild because she's slowly AHing everything put in there by the other half, as is my Priest from WotLK.
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    i have a 1 man guild on frostmourne which i originally started lvling to make into a arena / rbg guild but it slowly turned into a bank guild for me

    leveled it to 5-6 just by doing daily quests / free conquest caps for people if they join guild and leveling for my toons in MOP

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    I own about 4 of them. I use them for storage :-)
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