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    Plague Leech bug?

    Every time I use this, the boss turns around a bit and for a moment faces me like it's some kind of taunt, and sometimes I receive a hit. Hell even the dummies want a piece of me!

    Anyone else experiencing the same thing or am I going crazy?

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    has not happened to me once

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    Tried it on my Tauren Death Knight. Same thing happened. :/

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    On garalon tonight, the boss WOULD randomly turn target me and in some cases hit me... I'm not sure if it was plague leech, a random bug, or something else, but I didn't have pheramones, didn't taunt, and it still happened. So it could have been plague leech.

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    Yep, it is a bug. It cost my guild several wipes two weeks ago during spirit kings progress, because the dks had the boss turned around short before the cleave >.<

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