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    Yes, but only because I usually end up grouped with people who apparently think scenarios need normal roles. I'm a mage, and all but two groups I've been in have been me + healer/tank, 2 heals, or 2 tanks. It's not really an issue, it just takes way longer than it should, and I'm getting really sick of doing 60-85%+ of the damage and not getting much from it. Now that I have Scenaterday I think I'll stop until new ones are released.

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    Yes, as a matter of fact I did one scenario where we started as 3 DPS. Mage DC'd (I think) at the very start, and warrior went AFK after first pack. He also fell offline around 10 min later and I finished it alone.

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    When I do scenarios I feel like my purpose is to carry the other 2
    When I do random heroics I feel like my purpose is to carry the other 4
    When I do LFR I feel like my purpose is to carry the other 24

    Scenarios are the least of my worries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corylyn View Post
    I wish all hunters were like that. I only ever see BM hunters (did they remove SV and MM from the game? >.>), and first thing they do is misdirect to .... dun dun dunnn.... me.
    BM has the "I win" button with stampede and most players go the easy route. My little huntress is MM and will always be but hunters didnt seem to interesting compared to the other classes. I like barrage though, mostly because a night elf with a machine gun is the coolest thing ever Lol

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    I've been 90 for so long now.. and I think ive only done what? 2 scenarios?

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    I don't often do pug scenarios, but usually I'm doing somewhere around 60-70% of all the damage. I realize a lot of people in scenarios are very under-geared and that's why they're there in the first place, but sometimes it almost feels like you solo it just boost other people.
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