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    Leveling as WW - What am I doing wrong?


    This is my Windwalker monk. I currently pull about 400 dps in dungeons, which is normally 3/4 in place in the damage meters. It can't all be the class, I assume, so I've come to get my priorities set, so to speak.

    With 3 or more enemies, I normally spam Spinning Crane Kick unless a caster is among the group that i'm saving my interupt for. I barely ever use my Flying serpent kick due to the glyph not always functioning properly, and lag causing me to miss the middle of the group too often and pulling extra. What am I missing? Single targets I normally keep my Tiger Power buff up and just Blackout Kick the crap out of it's ass end. I've been away from wow for a while but have come back for a friend, and we're leveling together.

    So, what did you do while leveling? I know I need to use Spinning Fire Blossum more but where is it in my priorities?

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    Drop the flying serpent kick glyph, when pulling a big grp fly into with flying serpent then spam spinning, Dump chi with instants (tiger palm/blackout).

    single target at your lvl should be, jab if you need chi, keep 3/3 tiger palm up. use fists of fury on cd (try to do this when your not energy capped) then filler is blackout kick spam.

    use your energy tea thing (cant remember name offhand regens energy) after you have dumped all your energy.

    I dont use fire blossum at all and pull around 600-700 dps at lvl 52.

    Your dps also might be lower compared to others because the lack of complete heirloom set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrosislol View Post

    Your dps also might be lower compared to others because the lack of complete heirloom set.
    I would guess that this is a biiig part of the "problem."

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    I assumed as such. Does the flying serpent glyph interfere with the functionality of the ability at all? I've had it stop me perfectly before, but normally If I use it it goes right through the group, even with me spamming the button to stop before the group x.x.

    And I have no Hierloom gear. I've been away a long while and the only way I remember to get it would be the Justice point vendors and the Guild vendors. Both of which were expensive when I last looked.

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    I wouldn't worry about dps while leveling. You can't compete with heirlooms if you don't have any.

    I'm always on top in dungeons with my WW monk. Out of curiosity I checked the other players a few times to see what's going on (I very rarely, if ever inspect people otherwise), and they almost always have either no heirloom gear or not a full set.

    I have every slot that can have an heirloom in it, filled with an heirloom and enchanted.

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    I know how you feel, I am doing HORRIBLE dps in dungeons. I mean it could be a L2P issue, but this is the first class where I go wtf on DPS cause I never have topped and I think I have only been 2nd once and that was at lower level. All the other classes that I have leveled up, I have been competitive.

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    Windwalker monks don't get their main "signature" ability (Rising Sun Kick) til level 56 - you should notice a big improvement then.

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    Echoing what everyone above has said but for emphasis: as long as you're having fun with the class, don't worry about DPS until it matters - end game. Enjoy the new class/abilities/mechanics and have fun leveling with your friend.
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    Just wait three more levels until you get Rising Sun Kick. Here's how it'll go:

    1) Ding 56
    2) Find nearest mob
    3) Jab
    4) Rising Sun Kick
    5) Grin at the hilariously large damage

    For low levels, take Blackout Kick off your bar and don't touch it. Its scaling is pretty bad for lowbies - Spinning Fire Blossom is more damage per Chi for Windwalkers, and Breath of Fire is more damage for Brewmasters (even single target, against mobs that don't burn). This is, of course, so long as you're only worried about doing damage and not about looking cool, because once you get RSK then the various punch-kick animation chains look badass. Once you hit, say, Cata content, Blackout Kick's scaling stops being stupid and it actually becomes what it should be.

    Don't bother interrupting at low levels, unless you want to pull a straggling caster into the AoE dogpile. Windwalker interrupts are outlandishly expensive compared to everyone else. Healers have almost nothing to do anyway.

    So basically -
    Pre-56: Stack up Tiger Power right away, dump all your Chi into Spinning Fire Blossom, refresh Tiger Power when it's about to fall off and not before (Tiger Palm does shit damage).
    56+: The same, except use Rising Sun Kick on cooldown. Even if it means sitting on some Chi for a second or two - as soon as it's off cooldown, you want to mash it.

    AoE -
    Pre-56: Ignore FSK. It's woefully tetchy with even the slightest lag. Roll in and spam SCK.
    56+: Roll in, Jab once, RSK, then SCK spam.

    Don't bother overmuch with rolling Tiger Power on low-level AoE packs - the time spent building it for the armor pen doesn't outweigh time lost not AoE'ing. Unless you have a 3 stack still ticking when you pull one - spend a quick GCD to refresh it, then SCK.
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    I had noticed how blackout kick seemed kinda terrible. Do you think the glyph of spinning fire blossom is a good investment since I'm leveling primarily in dungeons? And is it worth rolling out of melee range before each volley of SFB's?

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    I found out that when i learnt spinning fire blossom, it was very overpowered for a while, it pretty much replaced my blackout kick untill later when kick became stronger and worth using.

    may have been hot fixed if its not the same for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amandi View Post
    I had noticed how blackout kick seemed kinda terrible. Do you think the glyph of spinning fire blossom is a good investment since I'm leveling primarily in dungeons? And is it worth rolling out of melee range before each volley of SFB's?
    with or without, its pretty strong at low levels. i didnt get the glyffs. experiment with it, use dampen harm for 2 chi, and range fire blossoms while walking to mob. does alot of dmg at low level. even when used in meelee range.

    and it only uses 1 chi :O
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