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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    sorry im sticking with my original statement
    Lol, epic vid XD But yeah .. Doesn't have to be gay .. Just different!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrea View Post

    Big words (used incorrectly):

    This makes no sense.
    Not strictly wrong, but the 'a' doesn't belong and leads me to believe you looked this word up in a thesaurus. Having reviewed hundreds of essays, I can spot mistakes like that, and know their origin.
    lol wut. Seriously. It's like you didn't even bother to look that one up. You did it twice - another time later in the thread. 'My paradigm' does not mean what you think it means.
    In response to someone saying that you may not want to burn your bridges with this person, that you may want a friend the future - hedonistic does not fit in this case, at all.
    Also, saying that you 'calculate' your choices makes you sound ridiculous.

    There are a few other examples, but I get the feeling I'm beating a dead horse.

    Now, the self-praise:

    Of course? Why is it a given? Either you're a doormat, or you're tooting your own horn about how nice you are. I choose to believe the latter, based on your later posts in this thread.
    Want a hint when the last time you lied was? This thread title, that you so conveniently "haven't gotten around to changing", even though it has been pointed out several times. Still have time to shoot down advice though. But yeah, you're a paragon of truth.
    Too nice? You don't sound nice at all. You sound callous and petty. Want some proof?
    For such a nice guy, labeling this girl's feelings as 'pathetic', and them being so easy for you to discard makes you sound quite the opposite.

    Want some more?

    This 'potential' response? Someone has an over-inflated sense of self-worth. What makes you think this girl will take rejection from you so poorly?

    Altruistic? Nothing you have said seems overly altruistic; you don't do good things for the sake of others - you do some pretty shitty things for the sake of yourself, though. That's the opposite of altruistic. (The opposite of altruistic being egotistic, in case you were wondering.)

    Here we go with the self-aggrandizing "I'm so altruistic I shit goodwill" nonsense again. Really, your 'altruistic nature'? You come across as one of the most selfish people I've seen on this site, and that's saying a lot. Get off your high horse, honestly.

    And to top it all off:

    No, I think there are several more people who think you're lying. I would go and quote all of those people, but it would make this post tiresome for others to read, and I think I've proven my point abundantly well.

    My thoughts exactly.

    I stand by my original presumption: that judging by your contradictory posts, lack of posting history, and your overall combative nature, that you're making all of this up, or at best, have swapped your role and this girl's role, in order to try to make a point - a point that, as I have already discussed, is invalid.
    This might be the best post on this forum in years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnionPrime View Post
    I'm in University momentarily, and near the University, there's a gym to which I go to work out occasionally. I'm a reticent, introverted, non-social type of guy and I'm not insecure about it. In fact, I'm perfectly happy as is since I have no trouble with having little to no social interaction in my life since it doesn't bug me. I'm not a jerk to anyone, especially my family, at all, but I just enjoy keeping to myself. Anyways, as I was leaving the gym today, and a girl from my class shows up and tells me that the bus is down today (bad weather in the area) and asked if she could grab a lift from me to her house. I, of course, responded yes.

    On the way to her house, she began talking about something pertinent to the calculus class we're both in and asked me for my number. The next day, I got a few texts from her and decided to help her out with some calculus via the texts. 3 days later, she's sending me texts every 5-15 min and just chatting it up as though she's a friend of mine. To elaborate, these texts are often just "fun" to "flirtatious."

    Essentially, I'm just really confused. Since when did being 100% business with people (although being helpful) turn into an opportunity to hit on them? Granted, she is attractive (athletic-nerdy type), I'm still not interested in a relationship, period. It seems kind of classless, and worse yet, I think if I tell her that I'm not looking for a relationship at all (I'm single atm), it'll make me look like a jerk.

    Advice would be to not read more into things then is there.

    Being nice and helpful probably indicated to her that the two of you could be friends, and it's quite common to have a fun flirtatious underlying tone between friends.., and I'd say the chance of you looking like a jerk by telling her your not interested isn't that high, at worst maybe make her laugh and think your to full of yourself

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    Going to close this here.
    Thread is mostly just spam and people insulting the OP.

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