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  • Megatron/Starscream

    39 41.49%
  • Derpy Hooves/Vegeta

    35 37.23%
  • Mario/Luigi

    15 15.96%
  • Connor/ a Furby

    5 5.32%
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    Election 2012. Megatron (D) and Derpy Hooves (P)

    This year is an important year. This year we decide who will rule us for the next 100 years.

    The candidates are Megatron of the Decepticon party and Derpy Hooves of the Ponies party.
    Megatrons running mate is Starscream and Derpy Hooves running mate is Vegeta (who really loves muffins)


    Party platforms

    Pro death
    You have the right to have your arms ripped off
    Transform and rise up, not roll out
    Obey Megatrons commands
    All hail megatron


    3rd parties

    The Hammer party (H):
    Killing turtles
    saving princesses
    Go karting

    The assassins


    There has been many sex scandals this election. Megatron was caught with Arcee the other night While Derpy Hooves was caught in bed with a muffin. Mario and Luigi were both caught in bed with an under aged koopa. Connor and his V.P were seen the other night together in a motel.



    As portrayed in the Exodus novel, Megatron was once the gladiator-turned-political revolutionary Megatronus, who was a mentor to the young archivist Orion Pax. However, when the High Council favored Orion's peaceful ways over Megatron's violent intentions, Megatron severed ties with Orion and officially started the Great War with his Decepticons, Soundwave being a chief follower. Megatron's actions eventually corrupted Cybertron, rendering the planet uninhabitable for life. After many failed attempts to kill Orion - who eventually was bestowed with the Matrix of Leadership - including a failed assassination attempt from Skyquake, Megatron vowed that only he would be the one who would slay Optimus Prime. After a skirmish on Earth with Optimus, Megatron leaves the planet for a deep-space mission, and is not heard from for three years, leaving Starscream in command

    He is one of the most prolific characters in the Transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all incarnations of the story. Starscream is usually portrayed with the same characterization. Formerly a scientist, Starscream is a treacherous, high-ranking Decepticon who turns into a jet and is known to often challenge his leader Megatron for leadership of the Decepticons.

    Derpy Hooves:

    Also likes muffins


    Mario and Luigi
    Mario: As Nintendo's mascot, Mario is said by many to be the most famous character in video game history.[2] Mario games, as a whole, have sold more than 210 million units,[3] making the Mario franchise the best-selling video game franchise of all time. Outside of the Super Mario platform series, he has appeared in video games of other genres, including the Mario Kart racing series, sports games, such as the Mario Tennis and Mario Golf series, role-playing video games such as Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG, and educational games, such as Mario Is Missing! and Mario's Time Machine. He has inspired television shows, film, comics and a line of licensed merchandise.

    Luigi: Mario's younger, taller, and thinner twin brother. Luigi has helped and fought alongside his brother on many occasions. Throughout his life, he has lived in Mario's shadow, developing both cowardly and heroic tendencies. Mario Bros. marks his first appearance in the Mario series and his debut in general. Originally a palette swap of Mario, Luigi was created to facilitate a second player option. Since the two player mode was dropped from most main Super Mario games beginning with Super Mario Land, Luigi had gained his own identity and personality.

    Connor: Ratonhnhaké:ton (1756 - unknown), also known by the adopted name of Connor, was a Native American Assassin of the Kanien'keha:ka tribe during the American Revolutionary War.

    Furby: A demon spawn from hell, Furbies are an evil race of soul stealing cute animals. They are most famous for not requiring batteries to operate and re activating themselves in the middle of the night even with the batteries removed.
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    Vegeta for best pony.

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    You write your sandwich on it.

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    Don't eat those muffins of LIES! Those ponies are socialist pigs. #megatron2012
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    I would vote third party, but I used to be quite the Dragonball Z UMS player in Warcraft III, so my choice is clear.
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    I'm going with the guy in suspenders

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    I think my choice is clear.
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    Megatron had me at "pro death."

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    What a great thread. I'm going to go with Megatron/Starscream. At least the Decepticons have ambition and intelligence; I'm worried about that pony's sanity if it has fucked a muffin. Vegeta would probably usurp Derpy at some point, but I fear once he did that his foreign policy would be rather combative.

    Third parties have no chance of success here anyways, so the plumbers can continue with their statutory rape without fear of political consequences.
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    My vote goes out to Derpy, just because Vegeta is her running mate. He'd steal the presidency in a heartbeat, and even with whatever he may do, it's better than evil robots.

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    I write in Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth.
    "Laws should be made of iron, not of pudding."

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    - King Stannis Baratheon

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    Goku has the muffin button, so I'm not sure how that interaction would work between him and Vegeta being Derpy's running mate.

    But considering Vegeta's power, I'd fear for my life if I didn't vote for him.

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    well as much as im against ponys ... i vote for the muffins ...

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    All hail Megatron.
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    omg connor got a vote!

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    You know, looking at your signature, it looks like you're trying to piggyback a DBZ character that you like unto the Pony popular vote.
    Sneaky politics!

    Bread is the paper of the food industry.
    You write your sandwich on it.

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    Hasbro vs Hasbro. I vote muffins and ponies.

    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    omg connor got a vote!
    It's the Furby man.
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    I approve of this thread. Well done.
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