<Thought Police> of Kil'Jaeden is a 10-man raiding guild seeking an exceptional dps to complete our roster. We're a group of raiders that compete with progressive raids on a casual, weekend schedule. We are brand new for MoP, so we don't have a lot of guild kills in previous tiers. However, our raiders come from extensive raiding backgrounds.

We are presently 2/6H in Mogu'shan Vaults and 3/6 for Heart of Fear.

We raid Friday and Saturday evenings from 6-10 server (PST).

Why us?

<Thought Police> is made up of exceptional raiders who love to play the game together. Our group is swell because we also play together when we're not raiding. Vent is typically bustling with conversation of some sort. If you are looking for a casual, weekend schedule that still has high expectations for our raids, look no further.


We are seeking 2 exceptional DPS, preferably of the following classes:

Priest (comfortable with switching often between healer/dps)

Awesome players that do not play one of the aforementioned classes are welcome to apply anyways! We're willing to consider pretty much anything if the player would fit in well with our guild environment.

If we sound like a good fit for you, please fill out our short application on our website:

My battletag is Ferrington#1482 if you have any questions!