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    Elemental Shaman in Challenge modes

    Hey just quietly wondering what other elemental shamans are running in Challenge modes. Not too experienced or knowledgeable in this area but am quite keen to start gearing for them as i've heard they're in a decent spot.
    Do we generally fulfil a healer/dps hybrid role? If so, are we running with healing rain/totem specs? or...
    What comps are other people running? Is it better to run with several Hybrids? Will a blood DK tank compliment this?
    thanks in advance

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    I've got silver in half of the CMs, so I'm not a leading source, but have been finding some things that work well. Ele shamans are great in CMs due to chain lightning spam on trash. I didn't find myself healing a whole bunch, except at a few times just to make myself useful while waiting for tank to get AoE aggro, or dropping healing tide totems. However, some of our utility is great for reducing dmg from large packs. I grab totemic projection and throw out capacitor totems on large groups to give noticable relief for the tank and healer, and it only costs 1 GCD. The gold times can be pretty steep, so it's all about efficiency, smart tactics, and big dps.

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    So you would not recommend a comp consisting of 1tank, 3dps and yourself as a (ele) shaman?
    Was thinking that with the right comp it might be possible, considering some of our talents.

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    I managed to grab realm first gold this weekend and I must admit I didn't do anything different than I did in raids. I used the same glyphs and talents as always.
    My comp was blood dk, frost dk, hunter, resto druid and me. I only ever healed on last boss in stormstout brewery where the healer went boomkin to make the timer =)
    Most of the damage is on trash. Bosses are wimps(except sha of violence in shadopan). So I used ancestral guidance combined with CL to keep everyone alive on massive trashpulls. Just use your capacitator totem alot with totemic projection. Don't spec into earthgrab totem though, it might kill anyone who is near trash :P

    I guess there are much tips and tricks to squeeze out more dps, but if your group is decent you won't need it =)
    Good luck and enjoy your time in Challenge Modes!

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    I got the gold challenge last week, with a combo of prot warr, frost dk, mage/rogue, me(ele) and resto druid. Didnt really require that much from normal heroic dungeons. Just a bit for chain pulling, and good usage of invis potion.

    The only tight fight is the stormstout brewery, where your healers need to go dps specc to meet the timer requirement. Then just pop healing stream totem 5-10 sec in the fight. Then it's no problem. You should be able to finish that boss before anything will happen to your group. Otherwise I was just pure dps - but ofc use your EQ and capacitor totem to help the tank with some extra stuns.

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    Take a look at a toon called cupofsoup on lightbringer, he runs ele and currently has all golds and the best times in realm.

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