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    You are joking right? Almost all of the whining is coming from RAIDERS!!

    Raiders who feel ´forced´to run LFR for loot
    Raiders who feel ´forced´ to do dailies for coins.

    That is what all of those threads are about.
    A "raider" that feels like they need to run LFR for loot (NEEDED upgrades) isn't what I'd call a raider. That's someone who's under performing or not putting the time in to the game. Which is exactly what i said. It's all about effort and reward.. none of our raiding team needs LFR upgrades, and we all have hundreds of coins in surplus and we all have busy social and professional lives. It's not hard, and it certainly doesn't require whining on the forums to blues about when you can't deal with it.. that will just lead to across-the-board nerfs - we're already seeing easier to get loot in 5.1 from existing factions.. is that what people REALLY want? rewards for zero effort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    it's the principle. merely by having more gold, you get to access the content before everyone else. they could have implemented a difficult scenario as a prerequisite, but it's purely gold based.

    and if you spend 100k on an invite, you arent just going to give your invite away for free. it's going to create a market.

    "WTS brawlers guild invite, 25k"
    Jealousy then?

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