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    [Music] Groovy bass lines !

    I've been playing the bass for a couple of years now, and i'm realy fond of groovy bass lines (Mostly funk/jazz and disco).

    I wanted to share some of them, so here you go : (Yes a lot of these videos are covers so you guys can see how it's played)

    Incognito - Put A Little Lovin' In Your Heart

    PapaNegro - I.A.M.G.O.D.

    Zouk Machine - Maldon

    Good Times - Chic

    Everything Is Changing - Groove Collective

    Jamiroquai - (Don't) Give Hate A Chance

    Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy

    Marcus Miller - Power

    D.A.N.C.E. - Justice

    Your turn, share some links (Remember, it has to be groovy !)
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    Groovy metal exists. Not as groovy as the music you shared, but it's still mildly groovy and in general just sounds awesome.

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    check out the awakening my les claypool, my favrouite bass line ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipling View Post
    check out the awakening my les claypool, my favrouite bass line ever!
    Les Claypool - The Awakening

    It's quite cool indeed, funky as hell, double thumbs slaping FTW ! I also forgot to put Jaco on my list, shame on me...

    Edit : I'll just add it here :

    Jaco Pastorius - Come on, come over

    And that too, good ol' funk :

    Maceo Parker - Shake everything you've got
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    Trampled Underfoot by Led Zeppelin... Although John Paul Jones did the bass in his Hammond Organ, it's still fucking sick. Also Run Through the Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival has a really groovy rhythm section. Love how they mixed blues with the guitar and a borderline-melancholy groove with the rhythm section.

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