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    Wind Lord Mel'Jarak Boomkin

    So my guild started tonight on the 4th boss in HoF. I wanted to ask for any of you that have experience with this fight, exactly how are you handling the start of the fight?

    I tested out a couple of strats just to see personally what worked better and the numbers actually were alot closer than I expected.

    1.) Dot / SS - Get double DoTs rolling on everything and use every SS proc to move from eclipse to eclipse. With the amount of adds up at a given time and using this method you really don't have time to hard cast.

    2.) DoT 3 / Hard Cast - Roll DoTs on 3 targets and then hard cast as a filler. You progress from eclipse to eclipse faster. This will allow you more starfall. But, you will not have near the SS procs of the previous strat.

    I have looked over the top parses for the fight and some druids are dotting / others hurricane or astral storm. I personally did not try out simply doing a hurricane over the top of them. So, do you go for lots of dots and SS procs, do you dot less and hard cast more, or simply hurricane & astral storm. I would love some input from boomers that have gotten through this fight or are working on it. What exactly are you doing?

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    I was trying to keep DoTs on 3-4 targets and bouncing between eclipses, but I ended up at last place in my 10man at 100k so I guess I could to better So it would indeed be nice to hear from other Balance druids how they are doing this fight.
    But it seems like Hurricane are really good on this fight as well, seen a lot over 150k using hurricane so that's something to think about.

    Quote from Elitistjerks
    Wind Lord Mel'jarak

    (B) Starfall no longer breaks this CC, however it is reported to waste charges.
    (B) AOE tactics with early Heroism/Bloodlust/etc are naturally higher DPS than single target burning individual mob types. With 6 adds + the boss available, Hurricane is going to be very strong for AOE tactics, for precisely how many DoTs should be used consult your friendly neighbourhood theorycrafting tool as it will depend on your gear. The viability of this on Heroic remains to be seen, due to the constant stream of adds.
    (I) While AOEing, careful use of CA will allow you to maintain your mana supply much longer than you would normally. Ensure that you'll be moving to Solar eclipse after using it.
    More interesting discussions about this particular fight in that thread as well.
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    Here's my logs from our kill. Basically what I did was to keep eclipsed dot up on all targets and cast SS/hardcasts in between. I would dot all targets in the beginning of eclipse and one cast before it ends. Also, CA is godlike! You can find my armory from my signature

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