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    Heroic PUG Conflicts

    Recently when I do my heroics I've been getting paired up with Portuguese speaking servers. I am playing on a US server. Now since MOP dropped these heroics aren't just facerolling ones and they require some coordination I.E. Shadowpan Monastery... which is impossible with the language barrier. Especially when they are your tank or healer. I have sent so many tickets to Blizz regarding the issue... I can only hope they listen maybe to this post. I think that same language servers should stick together. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Didn't Blizz already post something claiming that they are fixing this?

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    Not sure if it would fully work but as the only saying goes if you can't beat em join em. Open up Google Translate and translate certain statements like "kill adds before tank" or "Kill X and then Y" or whatever you need to say before a boss fight. You should be able to copy and paste the translated statements.

    It may not be efficient and things might get lost in translation but you should be able to semi-communicate.

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