Horizon(Staghelm) was formed in 2008 as a casual-progressive guild and has many experienced raiders who remain in the guild today from our start-up in BC up to the launch of MOP. We are currently running two 10-man raid groups. Our late night group that will raids Tues-Thurs from 10 PM-1 AM CST is currently recruiting the following:

Affliction Warlock
BM Hunter
Mistweaver Monk

Current Progression:
MSV 6/6
HoF 2/6

Though not a requirement, we feel that alts can play a big part in group make-up and encourage you to have a second available toon that can contribute to a situation fight. Our group will be 11 players max with casuals as fill-ins, but we expect you to be able to make 90-100% attendance. We also expect you to have great raid awareness, pull amazing DPS, and supply your own consumables. We're serious about killing bosses in limited time.

Are you?

Apply here: horizonguild.guildomatic.com
or whisper one of the following in-game to discuss recruitment.