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    [H10m] BRAND NEW - Weekend/Evenings/Core LFM

    Are you:

    * An experienced raider that's looking to get back into MoP raiding?
    * Looking for a weekend schedule that fits better with your busy work week?
    * Want to progress without having to commit to a 10+ hour raid schedule?
    * Late starting in MoP, but still want to join a serious raiding guild?
    * Want to raid with some seriously insane and funny people?

    If any of the above fit, you may want to check us out!

    Horde / US Burning Blade (PVP) / Level 25
    Type: 10-man
    Loot type: Roll > Loot Council
    Website: www dot thecatalyst dot enjin dot com

    Raid times - Weekend evenings EST, 3 hrs each
    Friday 9PM-12AM EST
    Saturday 9PM-12AM EST

    Optional Monday raids at the same time to finish content.

    We plan to start raids on or before November 16th!

    About us
    TheCatalyst is a brand new guild on Burning Blade PVP that's comprised of veteran raiders that have experience in progression raiding, and we are now putting together a core team for MoP.

    We have assembled some very talented players that have achieved the following in previous expansions:

    Some notable achievements from us:

    Vanilla: MC / BWL / AQ40 / Naxx40
    BC: KZ / SSC / TK / BT / SWP
    WotLK: Naxx25 / Ulduar25 / ToC25 / ICC 25
    Cata: 7/7 HM Firelands + 8/8 HM DS
    MoP: MSV 4/6 Normal

    Current needs
    Minimum item level should be 465

    Ranged DPS x1:
    Shadow Priest

    How to apply
    We don't want you writing a long application - so drop us a quick app on the forum and we'll get on with an interview.

    Our process will consist of an interview with our officer group where we will ask you questions. Don't worry about being undergeared (if you are), because we're looking for skill or potential.

    Or if you have parses you can submit, that would save a lot of talking!

    Please direct all questions to the recruitment officers or apply on the website: www dot thecatalyst dot enjin dot com

    Weedox(BattleTag): superdx#2490
    Aurenthia (BattleTag): aurenthia#1961
    Quikks(BattleTag): quikk#1952
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    still looking for a ranged dps!

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    Updated with ranged DPS needs - we're almost there!

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