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    Holy pvp question

    Might be a dumb question but in bgs where people are constantly around you coming and going who do you beacon most of the time or are you supposed to be switching or whatever? Also in times where dips is needed what do I do just spam crusader strike and denounce? Thnx for any replays.

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    I glyph Beacon, and throw it on my target right before I Flash of Light/Divine Light to make the most of my mana. Sometimes things are just too crazy to be hitting an extra button, but you want to keep cranking out Word of Glory as much as you can, so every extra HP counts.

    Crusader Strike eats up too much mana to be worth the trouble, nevermind the terrible damage. If you need to help somebody DPS in PVP, just... I don't know. Use Denounce and Holy Shock if you know you aren't going to need to use the Shock on a heal. Holy no longer gains PVP power bonuses with their offensive abilities, so either way you're going to be doing piddly damage on anybody wearing PVP gear.

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    To be honest just place your beacon on people who you are healing in the group and who are taking allot of dmg. and for your dmg its crap now you don't benefit with pvp power. you can just use holy shock,denounce and holy prism if you don't need it for healing. Dont use crusader strike for dmg you can use it too boost your holy power if you got melee on you. Holy paladins aren't made for DPS. And i don't see any reason for using the beacon glyph

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