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    The Diva Question

    Hi girls and guys,

    I am the RL of a smallish social raiding guild, we consist of a bunch of fairly "old" (35y-65y) players with 2-3 younger elements. This means that in terms of raidperformance we're not top of the list, we're not last either, ... we are about as mediocre as it gets.

    Recently I was confronted with 2 of my biggest dps leaving the guild. One just stepped out stating he wanted to progress faster, did /gquit and 2 minutes later he had joined another guild. The other one stated he wants to leave the guild with his main character but leave all his alts in the guild. He wants to progress faster (on the curve he states, meaning he wants to be doing HoF now instead of Mogu'Shan Vaults), yet intends to stay behind with his alts in order to help us "mediocre" players out. Meanwhile he remains in the guild while searching for an appropriate new guild.

    In my opinion, I am rather glad to be rid of the first player, someone who leaves the guild to join another one just minutes later has his plans well prepared and cannot be an asset to my raid. The second guy however is bothering me more. He clearly expects to be taken into our raid schedule since he's "the better player" (which he truly is), but here's my dilemma. If he comes with his Alts I'll have to be leaving someone's main home and the rule in our guild is mains above alts. On top of that, how can I be certain his alt won't leave the guild once he's completely geared up on the expense of the guild.

    Could the community give me some advice on how they would handle this case? I'm really a very composed and calm person so I'm no looking for drama advice, just good sensible ideas on what to do with this.

    Kindest regards,


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    Just tell the guy that mains are taken to raids over alts no matter who it is, if he can't accept that and he gets mad or something just kick his alts

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    Just tell him thanks but no thanks.
    Either you're in or you're out.
    Make the decision quick otherwise you will look weak.

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    its up to you, as a "mediocre" guild, you're going to be a stepping stone into better guilds, it just happens. some people really like to raid and enjoy the people they raid with, so if they want to progress they go to higher guilds and raid on alts with their old guild. it happens a lot from what Ive seen. Ive raided with lots of server first guilds alts because their friends and really don't mind progression that much. ultimately its up to you weather you want to keep him in the guild or not

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    I'd suggest telling the player who's decided to stay that he's no longer allowed to bring his main to raids, and that players raiding on their mains will have priority over those who raid on their alts. Once he moves his current main out of the guild he can choose a new main for the guild and everything can go back to normal.

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    if he's taking somebody else's place, i would say no. if he's not taking anybody else's place, i would say he can come but mains gear up before alts, meaning he gets gear last.
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    If you want him to raid with you, at the very least tell him to pick one of his alts to be his "main" for your guild, and stick with that.
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    Only problem with the second guy seems to be that you know his "main". Just think of him as a complete new guy now. Since you know him personal and know his skills would you take him with you or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellosaltygoodness View Post
    if he's taking somebody else's place, i would say no. if he's not taking anybody else's place, i would say he can come but mains gear up before alts, meaning he gets gear last.
    Well, that's part of the problem, with the 2 departures I had to look for replacements, but as we have a lot of people who can raid once in a while and just a few who can twice a week it kinda complicated my job. In the end the only potential solution I had was to take 2 new players in the group (a married couple), which means that if I take my diva DPS with me someone else's main would have to remain home. As I adhere to my rule, the Diva DPS does not come in raids with us unless we have someone who can not attend.

    Taking these 2 new players into the group also meant breaking up the tanking duo as one of the new players is a tank. Although I'm one of the better geared paladin tanks of my server I had to decide to switch to healing in order to maintain balance in the raid. Thus further complicating my task since I have no healing stuff whatsoever.

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    tbh ive been the "second guy" before and just say no sorry doesnt matter how "skilled" he is, it just wont work im afraid ive tryed but the higher progressed guild u get the more demanding they are so at the start it maybe all peachy with him helping out but in the end he may not have time and for most guilds thats not a risk worth taking if u need him to raid just say u can stay on as alt but you get gear last ( like someone already said) but once we find a replacement you can nolonger raid with us unless we really need you or some crap. you get the idea of my rambling anyway bedtime and best of luck with w/e you decide to do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey111 View Post
    Just tell the guy that mains are taken to raids over alts no matter who it is, if he can't accept that and he gets mad or something just kick his alts
    Pretty much this. If you have rules, people have to follow them. If the guy is OK with his alts being sat in favor of other people's mains, fine. If not, he's free to leave and find another guild. (and if there end up being drama over, it just kick him.)

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    I wouldn't hold too much against the first player, he's recognised he's not right for your guild and left without drama and without trying to change your guild to be what he wants. It hurts when people leave, but he's behaved pretty sensibly and 'professionally', for want of a better word. That sort of player actually is an asset.

    As for the second guy, first you have to decide if you want to keep someone's alts when their main has left the guild. Many guilds don't, and I've only found it problematic to do so. He might find his new guild won't allow him to raid with another guild anyway. It's worth having a policy about, though, in case it comes up again.

    If you do keep his alts, you just need to restate your mains over alts rule; I don't know why you're even asking the question unless you're actually looking for ways to justify taking him to your raids He gets a spot if there's a spot there for him, but he's bottom of the list. He's also bottom of the list for loot, as he's an alt. He might well try to claim that, though it's his alt, it's his main within your guild - that's when you need to put your foot down. It's his main if he's prepared to put it before his character in the other guild, if he'll raid with your team and not theirs if there's ever a clash, if that's the character that gets focused on ahead of the other whenever new dailies etc come out. Otherwise, it's his alt, end of story.

    It's not necessarily a bad thing having a decent player available as backup if you ever have attendance problems. If he's more progressed on his main he might be able to contribute to your own guild's progress, but it's up to you and what you know of his personality and your guild mates whether that would work or cause more problems and resentment.

    You have an alts before mains policy: I don't actually understand why you're having this dilemma

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