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    Nope made it easier to play 10-15 hours a week and feel like I am constantly progressing my character. Games is moving to a more casual audience so yes if you raided hardcore 25+ hours a week and had no other responsibility's then I could understand how you see it as dumbed down now but for the majority of us it is working out quite nicely.

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    Nope. For me, the Ulduar era made quitting really easy. Came back for about a week during ToGC. Came back several months later, was gone until Mid Cata, and then was gone again until MoP. After that first time, stopping until something catches my interest has been really really easy. In the case of Ulduar era quitting was easy because that was extremely dull, Cata quitting was easy because there wasn't anything to hold my interest, MoP quitting is easy because I haven't invested much time into it or anything but I can actually see that with this content it would be entirely possible to get hooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheatz View Post

    Well its true you know, nothing hard counters warriors.
    "DPS is science, healing is art, tanking is strategy."

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    I saw mountains of people return, and quit before hitting 90

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    No. In fact I feel better than ever about WoW. They keep this up and I'm staying indefinitely.

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    It was easy to stop playing since MoP gave nothing new to the game that already exists in all the other expansions.

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    I'd say yes, because Pandas.

    Made me not even buy the expansion.
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    The problem comes when bad players expect to clear hardmode content as quickly as average or upper echelon players.
    Accept your limitations.
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    It made not returning easy...I watched hoping for a reason to come back, but given the major division of pro/anti MOP groups, there is clearly a problem. While the "I love it" camp may exist, the sheer amount of daily posts here and on the WoW forums indicates a major trend of unimpressed WoW players. I expect the next two earnings calls to be significantly shocking, and not in a good way for Blizzard.

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    On one hand, MoP as an expansion is just amazing! On the other hand the number of dailies is just overwhelming, I know people used to whine over small number of things you could do in the previous expansions, but I wasn't one of them. One can say I don't have to do the daily quests but how can you just ignore them, when they give mounts, epics for valor points and profession recipes at once... So tempting.

    At the moment it's the second time since the launch of MoP I'm taking a little break. Not going to quit, the expansion is too good to quit, but I haven't logged and played for longer than 30 mins for 4 days so far. Had a week off before too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Those dailies alone..

    You don't have to do them... Certainly not every day because you only get 1k valor points a week and wont have enough to buy everything available each week anyway. I'm already exalted with all factions (without using any hozen peace pipes) and the gear that is available is no longer an upgrade anyway. I currently use 1 whole item from daily quest factions and it wouldn't make much difference if I didn't have it. Even if the items were upgrades I could have delayed getting revered with most factions for many more weeks without losing any character progression because I wouldn't be able to buy the items anyway.

    I'd be suprised if there are many people that stuck with Cataclysm all the way through and find MOP to be worse. For me this is the best expansion and i've been playing and raiding since Vanilla. As long as the future raids are upto the same quality as those we have seen so far this will be my favourite expansion. Lots of people go on about BC and most of the raids were great (except Hyjal....) but other than that I didn't find BC to be anything special. WOTLK had everything except for good raids (apart from Ulduar). Cataclysm didn't really have anything particularly good.... MOP has great quests, great raids (so far) and lots to do.
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    It's not a bad expansion, but just the general state of World of Warcraft and the direction it's going is making it really hard for me to want to continue playing it. Normally, the beginning of a new expansion is the most fun, but both Cata and MoP failed to hook me in like the other 2 did. Although Cata held my interest for at least a few months.

    The only reason I am playing it now, is because there is nothing better out there atm. The one thing I thought for sure was going to keep me entertained for years turned out to be a huge flop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lupito View Post
    Here's the template:

    I can't believe what blizzard has done, this expanion is a joke. <insert_last_expansion> was so much better, raids were hard and rewarding and pvp was more balanced, not as good as <insert_old_expansion_you_started_playing>, when everything felt epic. Now in <insert_current_expansion> everything is aimed for casuals, it's so dumb. I wish blizzard would make WoW as it once was, but I don't see it happening. <insert_current_expansion_feature> has ruined the game for me and I'm seriously thinking in canceling my sub.
    Anyone who makes such arguments can pretty much be classed as clinically retarded. I do not see anyone saying Cata was good and people still keep saying that we call old expac good and new one bad.

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    yes. i'm waiting for 5.1 rolls around with the new changes to monks. i'll be leveling another one to see if it will be enough fun to keep me around, but if not, then i think i'm all done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneSent View Post
    The only reason I am playing it now, is because there is nothing better out there atm. The one thing I thought for sure was going to keep me entertained for years turned out to be a huge flop.
    Did it rhyme with Build Raws Clue?

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    Cataclysm : People give up because there isn't enough to do
    MoP : People give up because there is too much to do

    Blizzard: Slits wrists in frustration

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    I had to vote no, MOP has captivated me beyond Wotlk....and Frozen Throne used to be my fav game...

    LOL, as much as I understand how dailies could be overwhelming....I am surprised that people feel like they HAVE to do them...its like "im paying 15 bucks a month so i better do everything i can to maximize what i get for every dollar i pay" at the expense of their own fun....
    The game is fun for many people, and it seems to be specially fun for those who dont feel like doing every single daily every day...what if instead of forcing urself to do dailies you start to do what u enjoy?

    I think reps played such a major role in previous expansions and people ended up developing a "race" attitude towards them (ICC rep runs anyone remembers?). Theres like 20months left for this expansion, why would you feel like you must hit exalted with everything asap?

    I bet that if Blizzard brings back the daily cap to...lets say 10 dailies per char...we will see tons of "REMOVE THE DAILY CAP YOU "·$"%&··" threads....

    just my 2 cents...

    sorry about my half asleep and english is not my language...

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Cataclysm : People give up because there isn't enough to do
    MoP : People give up because there is too much BORING STUFF to do

    Blizzard: Slits wrists in frustration
    Its not because there is too much to do its because nearly all of it is boring that people are quitting/complaining. The one thing I do read that people are loving is the pet battles, but the rest sounds like a snore fest.
    "you can't be serious!!" - yes actually I am.

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    I voted Yes but meant No.

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    In a way it may have made it easier to quit. MOP is so good, in fact, I think it is perfect.

    Therefore I cannot imagine another expansion being as good, so I might make this my last.
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSerious View Post
    Its not because there is too much to do its because nearly all of it is interesting and different that people are quitting/complaining.
    Very odd reason to quit, I feel people are just trying to come up with reasons to stop playing - when indeed there is no need for a reason.

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