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    For me yeah.. the grind is just too much. Grind doesn't interest me, doing the same thing every day isn't what I call progression, I call it being stuck.
    The paced is slowed down, so it is either get used to it or leave.
    For me it is hard to get used to a slower pace; I don't want to walk back, I want to go forward. With MoP I'm feeling some things are reverted to how it was previously.

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    Yes, I didn't play MOP for the first month it was out. I came back because I had a few extra hours here and there and thought I'd give it a go. Having progression raided all past expansions, I found it surprisingly easy to gear up. Whereas I used to have to run dungeons for the gear I needed, I haven't even cleared all the heroic MOP dungeons and I'm fully ready for raiding. I do a few of the dailies and sha once a week. In past expansions, when I'd take time off, it would take months to get back to the level of current content. A few lucky rolls and 2 weeks of LFR and I'm fully epic'd out. The worst part is, things are pretty much fail proof. Someone has to be epic'ly bad in order to stall a heroic group. Any mechanics in fights that can't be overgeared are easily avoidable and MOP hasn't even been out that long!
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    I think the expansion as a whole is great, albeit some aspects need to be changed (soooooo many dailies).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabtheshaman View Post
    I'm curious to see if Mist of Pandaria has made giving up the game easier for some.

    I was a hardcore raider in Cata from start to end, and I didn't even get to 90 on my main cause the game became plain an simple, boring, to me.

    So has MoP made it easy to quit for you?
    Not harder or easier than before.... quitting isn't hard, so... go and play populist somewhere else...
    By the way I love MoP and think so far it's even better than TBC... have to see how it does when the expansion comes to an end, but sof ar it's excellent.

    OT One of the most stupidest questions I've seen in a poll so far.... this question would only make sense if the purpose of the game was to make you quit... which it doesn't. Nobody playing the game was looking for an easy way to quit the game...
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    Actually Cataclysm made me lose so much interest that I can't get myself to play WoW in any shape or form now. Played MoP for a while but I simply don't want to go further.

    Still don't think MoP is to blame, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothaeryn View Post
    I agree, WoW's community has kinda divided even further, but the main question now is who is there more of? and who will declare their opinion as such with their wallet?

    Your template is broken, Wrath was better than cata and (from what ive gathered so far) MoP, and I started in Vanilla; I also think wrath was still better than Vanilla for specific reasons, while also lacking for others at the same time.

    Trying to classify everyone who currently dislikes the game as haters and throwing them into the same category only shows your ignorance to criticism, especially if your opinion differs from theirs.
    he said here's a template, not that everyone use's it, so in your haste to label him ignorant you showed ignorance yourself.
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    Besides weren't you the one 'taking it slow'? Maybe you were taking it too slow....

    I have no interest in racing to 90. In fact, with this expansion I plan to talk my time. Explore other aspects of the game as I go. I might even focus on professions, and Pet Battles before fully leveling. I don't plan to raid till mid-late xpak. One of the biggest burn out causes for me was rushing to learn everything in the game. So that's my plan.
    Apparently the change hasn't worked out, maybe you just miss raiding....

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    Cata was best xpack in the game, you could just sit afk in town 24/7 and get BiS with no effort at all. You coud play 10-15 mins per day for the best gear in the game, I liked it. Now you actually have to do stuffs to get gear

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    Cataclysm made it easier, because a lot of the old zones lost their nostalgic touch for me (from Vanilla). No more quiet Ashenvale with the shouting flame dude on the mountain, no more beautiful boring Azshara, etc. Don't get me wrong, lots of zones improved greatly (stonetalon, silverpine forest, badlands etc), but the nostalgia was gone.

    Pandaria actually brought some new interesting features that got me interested again and a beautiful new continent. I feel there is more to do and collect than before, and that keeps me occupied so far. So no, Pandaria hasn't made it easier to stop.
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    Can't say how whole expansion will pan out but this is my favorite tier since Ulduar.

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