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    [H] Uther-US PVE - Thorns of Serenity Recruiting - all roles

    Level 25 guild Thorns of Serenity is recruiting on the Horde side of the US-Uther server. We are a 10 man guild trying to rebuild our core team and so are considering all roles. We raid 2-3 times a week (with EST and PST consideration) and try to make the most of each raid period.

    With a relatively low amount of raiding time, we expect every member to be as fully prepared as possible prior to raid start; this includes pots, food, understanding of the evening's fights and those fight's strategies and a willingness to listen and focus. We do offer a guild bank, some guild-sponsored enchants, gems and other consumables and up to 100g for repairs daily after a short trial period in addition to our regular guild perks (increased reputation gain for those long grinds!)

    To learn more, visit our site.

    For consideration, please PM me here, message anyone in the guild for an online officer's name or just respond to the thread. I will put you in touch with our recruitment officer for the next step.
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    Since Uther isn't the prime destination for raiders, I will offer to pay for a server transfer for up to two players that are suitably geared as a tank or healer (non-priest or paladin healer). This is subject to being accepted to the guild.

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