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    Vamp Touch :(

    I was wondering, Blizz or any others that care to share, Will we EVER get the old vamp touch back? I want to give back mana so terribly. I hated when we became dps and vamp touch was just replenishment that everyone gave. It tore my freaking heart out. Been holy ever since.

    I'd give anything to give mana back, make it a glyph but make vamp touch do no dmg or make our dots unable to crit, idc i just want to give mana back. Or give us a major CD that turns us into a shadow fiend or something and all our dmg is converted to mana for the raid instead of dmg on the boss.

    This brings up the other idea that i think shadow priests need a burst CD such as Angel of Death form (avatar equiv) or something like that, but thats for another post.

    I just wanna give ppl mana...


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    You could give peeps back mana with Hymn of Hope you know.....

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    As long as you have a Druid and a Priest with Hymn then that's all the mana back that a boss should need. Blizzard will not revert skills back especially now the new expansion has hit.

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    I liked it during TBC that shadow priests were mana batteries but those days are over. I didn't mind you 'couldn't' bring the player and not the class/spec.

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    Plus Shadow Priests do a lot more healing, which makes up for the regen for healers. Casters really don't struggle with mana regen from what I see, it's just healers. So doing a bit of off healing helps with saving mana. Plus Vampiric Embrace is an excellent raid cooldown.
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    I think this is relevant!

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