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    One thing I noticed myself when around women.

    Hello MMO-C,

    Thanks for the previous posts in concerns to women/relationships. I have another inquiry that I think will get to the root cause of problems that I faced in the past that I feel may be prevented in the future. Normally I am a calm and reserved individual, minding my own business. But I feel that when I'm around women in general, especially those I may have a deeper interest in, I feel even MORE confident. I also become more social and outgoing; it's like a switch. That isn't faking, is it? I know its in me, but it seems that women are a cataclyst for me to really bring out my A-type personality characteristics.

    Basically, I want to get to that point where I am like that all the time.. how can I go about doing that? I'm very mindful of my behaviour in different settings, however, I'd like for it to be more consistent.. you know, social intelligence.

    Could really use some feedback guys =)

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    Always be around women you want to have sex with, apparently.

    Maybe carry one in your pocket?

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    answer is probably closer than you think

    most people with confidence or self esteem issues just don't measure up to their own ideals.
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    It's and evolutionary mechanism to try to attract mates. It's not something you control, rather your hormones control it.

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    So am I doing ok, then?

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