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    Warlocks are a blast!

    A side for a second from all the balance issues, xelanths leaving, chaos bolt nerfing, cataclysm removing, etc.
    I must say this class became quite fun, the clunkyness we had in cata is pretty much gone, and we recieved some modern mechanics.
    i playd through cata for most patchs, and i must say although it was quite fun, the class had some serious problems, it was just outdated and old, and compared to other classes which has evolved into their being specs, we had to play with a 10~15 button rotations, and pvp awkwardness ( aside for 3v3 high end arena for those who do that)

    anyways, i just had my MoP trial ended, it was a hell of fun, even though i stayd on 85 and mostly did bg's quests and some normals, i extremely enjoyd the game (especily the bg's). and im sorry that i dont have the time for this game and cant purchase it in the near future .
    also answering ppl who say warlock lvling pvp sucks, and that they are getting raped at 85 - im loling hard, warlocks (as destro) owns the living shit out of ppl in 85~89 bracket bg.
    some pics i took around my MoP trial plus my high chaos bolt crit with a lvl 85 toon ( second pic has 2x chaos bolt you can see on the MSBT)


    well i just hope we wont get nerfed so bad, and when i'll have the time to come back, i wont see a broken nerfed ass class
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    I would agree, it is a fun class, (though it could use some minor tweaks IMO), and while I can do this on pretty much any of my level 90 toons (Mage, Priest, Lock), I'll post a pic from a recent BG as well:

    Killing orb carriers is a blast! :P
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    I will burn your soul.

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    I like you, too bad your an alliance! For the horde!

    on a serious note, locks are KB masters with the new shadow burn lol (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemasisx View Post
    I like you, too bad your an alliance! For the horde!

    on a serious note, locks are KB masters with the new shadow burn lol (:
    I have toons on both sides, but yeah, I primarily play Ally, (as most of my friends do).

    I will burn your soul.

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    Btw those numbers on a lvl 85, not 90.
    i do wonder what numbers you get on a lvl 90 if you can crit 270k in 85 :O

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    90 is below that numbers in pvp.Being PvP geared and hitting a fully PvP geared as well you will get around 80k without proc/cds and ~170k with cds/procs

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    I know Warlocks are awesome but use linked thumbnails if you have large images you want to show, please.

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