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    Question Mage Profession Question!

    K so i switch mains lastweek lost interest in my druid. anyways haven't played my mage hardcore since start of wrath so im just wondering whats some good proffesions for him and can also make good gold. he has inscrip,herb atm i was thinking of ditchin herb for tailoring. does this sound like a good idea?

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    Tailoring is a great raiding profession and there's usually a decent flow of gold with pvp gear, bags, spellthreads. I guess there's not that much synergy with inscription, if that matters to you; I'm tailoring and engineering so synergy obviously didn't bother me It can be really expensive to level up though, the frostweave stage is a bitch, I guess that depends on your server though.

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    Tailoring is excellent for dps, especially a caster/Mage. Followed by engi and bs.
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