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    When such threads popped up before, I always said 'aoe looting' and the removal of raid groups for old content raids. Now that the first is implemented and the second is stated as 5.1 change, I don't have too much to complain.

    As a druid with complete off-spec sets in bags, more or shared inventory/bank space sounds good , although "one big bank for all characters" sounds like it'll be a mess. Other than that, I'm pretty pleased at the moment.
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    Patience and reason do appear to be in short supply these days in the gaming community.

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    A proper physics engine

    Server/Account wide Vault to store matts etc

    Ways to change the colors etc of your gear (E.g - Dye's for Cloth armor, Paint for Plate & Mail armor and tanning for Leather armor)
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    The "Speech" sound effects should receive their own volume slide, so you can tone down all other sounds to at least understand what a boss or someone else with voice files is saying instead of reading the text, because your weapon swings and spell sound effects are just so damn loud you can't hear it.

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    The money argument is hilarious, start a poll about IQ and apparently people have 120+ IQ 95% of the time but all these geniuses come here and complain about how much the 15$ sub fee is.
    I'm not the sharpest tool in the bunch and make 20.4$/h on my students job, so you enjoy the lore but can't work 45 Minutes for a month of it ?

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    Add 15 peoples raid group to existing 10/25.

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    Oh, another good idea from EVE Online...
    An alternative way to pay for your sub. Here's how it works in EVE-O: you can buy a so called PLEX in the game shop. There is no other way to obtain it. This is an in-game item which is transferable and provides 30 day subscription when consumed. So people who are low on in-game currency and have no time/motivation to farm it can buy PLEX for real money and sell it for in-game currency to "rich" players. This is a sort of one-way legal RMT, also a good alternative to play the game for free (yeah, free means paid by someone else, as always).

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    The money argument is hilarious, start a poll about IQ and apparently people have 120+ IQ 95% of the time but all these geniuses come here and complain about how much the 15$ sub fee is.
    I'm not the sharpest tool in the bunch and make 20.4$/h on my students job, so you enjoy the lore but can't work 45 Minutes for a month of it ?
    I'd like to inform you that about 50% of the people in my country earn 250-400 usd per month. And this is not even a very poor country, just not rich.
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    Spectator arenas & raids with an "Invite to spectate" -type of system to control who gets to watch.

    Also, a bank in which each of your characters' individual banks would be on their own tabs, so you could move non-soulbound items between them without mailing it.
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    An Account Wide bank for BoA gear.

    And make all vanity item BoA so we can deposit them and send to our alts.

    Or Account Wide reputation.

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    Make up a feature that you would like to see implemented into WoW.

    Mine (I think I've posted this before, but...): I would really like to see some sort of "Account-wide* materials/BoE gear bank" implemented. It would store all non-BoP crafting/profession materials so that all your characters can easily access mats that all your other alts have gathered without having to mail everything back and forth. It could have different tabs for crafting materials from different professions.

    *'Account wide' in this case would be limited to all characters who are on the same server/faction, obviously.

    Yes please! They do have this in GW2 actually.

    I'd like to see this and something very similar. I'd like to see a sort of bank space, that is shared for all your character on that realm, in which you can put quest acquired gear in. Yes, that would essentially mean soulbound gear and they'd need to put some restrictions somewhere. But I will be forever sad that I threw away because of lack of bank space back in the days... Since I'm no Engineer, I have no other goggles options Would be so sweet to be able to do that quest on an alt, then put it in the shared bank and take it our on my main. And even sweeter it would be if you wanted 2 of the quest rewards (but can only choose one) and you can go back, do it on an alt and voila!
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    I am wondering if Blizzard are going to give the Alliance the 5 mounts because the worgen have running wild, the horde have 5 new mounts , i just think they should balance it out, how say you all.
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    hows about you give half your money to africa because you have more than them, and it's not balanced
    no? didn't think so

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    Balanced PVP

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    Cloaks that look really realistic in the way that they wave in the wind etc, kinda like some of the cloaks in diablo 3?

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    I will NEVER understand this logic, but whatever blows your hair back.

    It's laughable how easy it is to make an extra 15 bucks.
    I can't even express how angry I am at you. What about those whose parents can barely afford being alive? My parents gotta pay 1200 euro a month due to the crisis that began in 2008 in Bulgaria. They make total 500-700 a month both working undercover without being able to pay taxes and such. They kind of hate computers and games, just like most parents. They would sell my comp if only i ask about them paying my blizzard subscription. I don't have a credit card nor money so I cant pay myself. ANYTHING TO SAY? And no, I cannot work. Its illegal to work for money under 18 years here, and I'm 16. I do some job here and there but its illegal and its only enough to pay exams. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW? Thanks god 1 guy lets me play on his acc for free. Its laughable how ignorant people can be!


    OT: Group Quests. Account wide: Everything ( gear, currency, gold ). If I get a BoP epic item, why not have it for my alt. (ofc some limitation, legendaries, raid epics, etc, tokens )
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