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    I unlocked atonement at level 38.

    I thought you were supposed to have it at level 60?

    I still have no Archangel. Has anyone else encountered this when leveleing a new disc priest?

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    No one else had this happen then?

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    I'm pretty sure it's a bug. I don't know whether they've changed it or the tooltip isn't displaying properly though.

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    According to the talent calculator (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator), Atonement is supposed to be 38, and Archangel is supposed to be 50. It's normally been well out of date, but perhaps it's up to the minute for once!

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    getting atonement earlier is fine, u can literally just dps in dungeons to make everything go that little bit faster, while leveling my priest just before MoP release I was topping meters all the way into cata content =D

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    That sounds like a bug really. My Priest alt is level 47 and she doesn't have Atonement yet. The spellbook says I'll get it at 60.

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    Leveling my second priest as disc through dungeons, and got Atonement both times at lvl 38. Asked about this on EU forums, but got no reply from a "blue", so i hope that's a tooltip bug.

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