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    I like arguing and reasoning for fun/wisdom

    Don't judge me.

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    I like to shower for 30 minutes.

    Don't judge me.
    Perfect Illusion

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    Acherus is my home.
    I secretly want all afro-american people to lose at competitions that arn't sports, because they win at all of them, they don't need to win anything else. >_>

    Don't judge me.
    Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
    So I chose the path of the Ebon Blade, and not a day passes where i've regretted it.
    I am eternal, I am unyielding, I am UNDYING.
    I am Zethras, and my blood will be the end of you.

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    I play 4 different MMO's and I enjoy them all.

    Don't judge me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pachycrocuta View Post
    In a related vein... I have never seen the Godfather movies, and have no intention of doing so.

    Don't judge me.
    Oh yes that for me too ><

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    I'm a sadistic man, filled with erotic thoughs about both sexes, likes to see someone get hurt and have a God complex.

    You can't judge me.

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    in your mind
    i would rather see mankind burn to ashes than to see nature disappear.

    Do not judge me.
    'Something's awry.' -Duhgan 'Bel' beltayn

    'A Man choses, a Slave obeys.' -Andrew Rayn

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    - Don't judge me
    Your post doesn't deserve a slot in my thread! But it would make the perfect coaster for my drink!

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    I think that sweden will implode in 10 years

    - Don't judge me
    Quote Originally Posted by Vedni View Post
    There is no hidden roll. Only paranoia.
    "I was top dps and one of the 17 DPS below me won loot! CONSPIRACY!"
    "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"
    -Bertrand Russell

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    I seriously want the US economy to implode on 12/21/12 just to be able to say "Hey, someone predicted something right!"

    - Don't judge me

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    The Squiggley Line In Your Eye
    I insist that ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) will be the first real contender to World of Warcraft, and will be a great game.

    Don't judge me.
    And Already The World Looks A Little Less Bright.....

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    I download movies and tv shows legally from iTunes. Songs and video game emulators are an different thing.

    Don't judge me!
    "If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all."

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    vegas bb
    Quote Originally Posted by Tesk View Post
    I insist that ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) will be the first real contender to World of Warcraft, and will be a great game.

    Don't judge me.
    ESO is going to be amazing, and multiple games (TOR, Rift, GW2, even Aion and Tera) that I think make WoW look like the terrible game it is.

    Don't judge me.

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    Let's see: I'm a bisexual male, I like K-pop, I like 80's music in general, I abhor people who assume or jump to conclusions or take to extremes or choose to be ignorant, I absolutely hate the color yellow, I secretly keep mountains of negative information about people to unleash should they ever betray me even if they're people I'd trust with my life under normal circumstances (yes, I know that sounds contradictory, but I always like to keep my bases covered no matter what). I hate religion, but am neutral towards people who are religious as long as they don't try to shove it down my throat. I hate people who are racist because I consider it willful ignorance, and like I said, I hate people who choose to be ignorant. I appear bitter towards humanity in general, but I wish I could save people from their own idiocy. I wish everyone was neutral about everything and would stop thinking they're better or worse or know shit when they don't.

    Oh and I love Adventure Time.

    Don't judge anyone, you don't know shit.
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    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle
    Also, it's should HAVE. NOT "should of". "Should of" doesn't even make sense. If you think you should own a cat, do you say "I should of a cat" or "I should have a cat"? Do you HAVE cats, or do you OF cats?

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    Spooning you without your knowledge
    I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, and coconut. Pretty much everything that is in normal food.

    Don't judge me.

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    I love obeying traffic laws, even when I'm driving at night in a deserted area.
    Don't judge me.

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    Costa Rica
    I'm not old.

    Don't judge me.

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    In another World.
    I am a Level 80 Twink =3... I am also Scotish and love Haggis but cant understand why Americans eat squirrel...

    Dont Judge me!!

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    Jaina Proudmoore's side. Always and forever.
    I'm better then all of you.

    Do't judge me

    Paladin-Sorcerer at your service! My Youtube Channel

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