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    I think I don't have much of a personality

    At least I don't think so.

    It's quite funny to me because it's made out to be something horrible on these forums and basically everywhere all the time but honestly...

    I am a gamer, quiet in class except people which I know well, I am pretty social, it's not that actually, I do go out too.

    It's just....I am not very interesting, I pretty much game all day and sometimes go to the gym.

    I am interested in computers and their inner workings and building/fixing them. (big surprise -_-)

    Never had a GF, or even did something romantic....

    I am not particularly good at something, just a jack of all trades guy.

    Ehh....really I find myself quite boring. (but I don't make it seem so however)
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    Not really sure what the point of this thread would be... Sort of a convo to have with people who actually know you.

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