First things first, the forum keeps yelling at me when I try to post a link. If someone wants to post the link for me, thanks! Otherwise:
Mikani, Darkspear Horde, Pandaren Shaman

So, for our raid team, I am the lucky healer that gets to dual spec and jump into dps when we come across a two heal fight. My biggest concern is trying not to be too 'jack of all trades, master of none'. I know that gearing up two specs does come with its own set of problems, but I want to get the best of my full potential.

Things that I will be replacing in the works: getting rid of the BoA staff, I just won the shield from the spiritbinder in MV last night, but I don't have a mainhand - working on that. I can either have a BS make a main hand for me or I can try my luck for the heroic one from... Gate of the Setting Sun (? I think) or the rare epic drop from Jade Temple. I'll have enough valor to replace my Horseman's Ring with hit soon after the servers are finished fixing themselves.

Should I keep trying to dps in Elemental with the current gear that I have or should I build a new blue heroic set and hope that I can push out the dps? I think I did all right in our run last night, 56-58k on spiritbinder in full healer gear/healer reforges. We don't have the luxury of someone with that fancy new reforging mount, so I'll either be stuck in full resto reforge, full ele reforge or a mixture of the two, unless I make the raid wait while I run off to reforge every fight we change between two heals and three heals.

The other question I have is... Relic of Chi-Ji vs. the Mithril Stopwatch. Is it worth having a useless proc for the intellect that the Chi-Ji has, or should I keep with the crit + spellpower for the stopwatch?

Sorry for the novel. I think that goes through all of my questions. Feel free to bring up other concerns.