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    What happend to Ravencrest?

    I have been on Ravencrest for about 5 years now. And every single year without a single day of its been crowded with duelers otuside ironforge/stormwind.

    During MoP its been COMPLETLY empty.
    I walked outside today and even with cross zones I did not find a single person.

    Did everyone who played pvp quit MoP this quickly?

    I know theses stormscale but my server from going to the most populated alliance server with pvpe'rs to completly dead. Not a single one left

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    well, they dueled for so long, eventually they started to die off from all the stabbing. Now there is no more dueling.

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    There's plenty things to do right not then dueling outside SW. I have to say, calling the most populated Alliance realm on EU-EN as "completely dead" is just ignorant, it's just that people have better things to do in the start of the expansion then dueling outside a city.
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    They're doing the content? I remember the entire server crashing because so many people were hunting sha of anger b4.
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